911 Circuits

911 Circuits

911 Circuits is a valuable partner for law enforcement. This Oregon-based company manufactures wiring harnesses and timers, both of which are essential to organized and reliable electronics performance. The company’s focus is fleet wiring, and that includes police fleet wiring. With its advanced manufacturing technologies, including laser fabrication, robotic assembly, and rapid prototyping, 911 Circuits is able to produce the easiest to use wiring systems in the world.911 Cicruits Wiring Harnesses Made In The USA 

It’s clear why a fleet of police vehicles would need improved weapon mounts, push bumpers, sirens or lighting systems. It’s less clear why wiring harnesses are just as important, but they definitely are. Police vehicles are loaded down with all kinds of advanced electronics now, such as improved sirens, additional LED lighting, and modern communications systems. Powering and connecting those devices requires a staggering amount of wiring – up to a kilometer’s worth or more in some cases. Keeping that wiring organized and protected must be a priority to ensure the vehicle’s performance, and that’s what a wiring harness offers.

Ideally, a wiring harness also streamlines device installation and allows fleet managers to implement new electronics without replacing the harness itself. 911 Circuits has designed its harnesses for maximum usability and scalability, so they remain a viable solution even as fleets evolve.

911 Circuits’ Offers Wiring Harnesses, Timers and Expanders For Use In Police & First Responder Vehicles

911 Circuits builds the best harnesses, timers, and expanders that fleet managers can get ahold of. They are designed for most police vehicle models and can be mounted throughout the vehicle, allowing fleet managers to configure their vehicles any way they wish. Here is a more in depth look at those harnesses, timers, and expanders:

1.      911 Circuits Wiring Harnesses For Police & Emergency Vehicles Harnesses – 911 Circuits builds three harness models, including the 8.1, the 15.1, and the 27.1. They are similar in design except for the number of circuits each one can support. The 8.1 supports, obviously, eight circuits, while the 15.1 and 27.1 support 15 and 27 circuits respectively. Which model works best will depend on what kind of vehicles need outfitting. In general, police patrol cars will require the 15.1 model at the minimum, while more complex fleet models, like K-9 vehicles, will likely require the 27.1.

All three are built with some impressive features. For example, each harness is fitted with a cover plate that is custom lasered for labeling purposes. With custom lasering, fleet technicians don’t have to open up the cover and study the circuitry to understand each circuit’s function. Each harness also comes with 911 Circuits’ smart cables, which provide flexible cable connections and custom printing on all wiring. This printing is employed every few inches, so every wire can be readily identified. Circuit breakers are also standard with the company’s harnesses, and allow for quick power disconnect. With four screws mounting them, the harnesses can be quickly installed with no special tools or expertise required. 911 Circuits manufactures an impressive variety of mounting plates, including custom models. With several mounting plate options to choose from, the company’s harnesses can be mounted just about anywhere there is sufficient space for them.

911 Circuits also includes its TS1 timer with every 8.1, 15.1, and 27.1 harness. The TS1 is extensively programmable and is modular in design, so it adds another layer of power control to the vehicle.

As for the exact circuit count and composition, it looks like this:911Circuits Timers
8.1 – The 8.1 comes with four 12-gauge and four 10-gauge circuits. All meet SAE J1128 standards and can be set as hot or switched, depending on how the fuse is positioned. And any output that is shown as switched can be ignition or timer controlled. Outputs are color coded for easy identification.

15.1 – The 15.1 comes with two 10-gauge, two 12-gauge, and 10 16-gauge circuits. One 16-gauge “bypass” circuit is also available, and it can be configured as hot or ignition at install. One siren mute circuit is standard, which can be utilized by inserting the siren mute resistor to the output. The siren mute resistor reduced siren volume by 90 percent, which is handy during servicing. Like with the 8.1, all outputs are color coded.

27.1 – 

The 27.1 is built with four 10-gauge, four 12-gauge, and 18 16-gauge circuits, all of which use GXL/TXL wiring. The 27.1 also comes with a single “bypass” and siren mute circuit, and bypass wires include siren speaker and light trigger wires. The harness lid is designed with security loops for improved access, and the 27.1 is built in four model configurations. If none of those will work for a fleet, 911 Circuits can build a custom harness for its clients.

2.       Timers – 911 Circuits produces a few timers for improved circuit control. Its top model is the TS1, though the Micro 4 combines the TS1 technology with four circuits (one 10-gauge and three 16-gauge) for harness expansion.

Every timer is extremely programmable and designed to fit easily into an existing 911 harness. Each one is designed with redundant fail-safes so that even if the timer fails, the equipment it is controlling will still default to ignition controlled. Plus, with a multifunctional LED indicator, the timer’s status is always available, even when it isn’t doing anything.911Circuits Expanders for Wiring Harness

3.       Expanders – 911 Circuits can help fleet managers expand their harnesses as well, with its CX4 or CX6 models. The CX4 adds four ignition controlled outputs while the CX6 adds six outputs (two 10-gauge and four 16-gauge, all of which can be set to hot or ignition controlled).

Every fleet manager likes getting their hands on new components for their fleet vehicles, but don’t forget the infrastructure that makes it all run. Fortunately, 911 Circuits makes it easy to set that infrastructure up and keep every vehicle’s electronics organized.