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American Aluminum

What American Aluminum does is right in the name. They are a leader in American-made aluminum products for the law enforcement field. Since the company’s founding in 1989, American Aluminum has, first and foremost, serviced law enforcement personnel. Its first product was its CamLocker toolboxes, which are still a popular storage and security option for police forces nationwide. Since then, the company has expanded its product portfolio, adding a number of K9 training and transport products, as well as prisoner transport and animal control systems.

American Aluminum is quick to mention its robust manufacturing core, which includes cutting-edge CNC fabrication machinery. However, this reliance on automation is paired with a reliance on master craftsmen, as they weld and assemble all K9 units by hand. It’s a strong blend of technology and artisanship that many manufacturers have gone away from. But it’s why American Aluminum can make strong claims regarding how long their products will last.

American Aluminum EZ Rider K9 Platform

American Aluminum’s K9, Prisoner Transport & Animal Control Products

Although the company first entered the public safety market with its CamLocker boxes, it is its K9 transport system, the Original E/Z Rider, that has likely secured the top spot in American Aluminum’s portfolio. But beyond those two offerings, American Aluminum manufactures an interesting variety of products, including training and animal control systems. Here are those products in greater detail:

1.       Original E/Z Rider K9 Platform – The E/Z Rider is a fully contoured insert for a vehicle specific, perfect fit. The insert housing is built from .125 mill finish aluminum, a .080 lid, and .063 door panels. In short, it is made for heavy-duty work. It is also a fully welded product built with vertical front bars for even more strength, and a rear window for easy cleaning. And that easy cleaning is made easier with a base that extends from door to door, so personnel can rinse down the insert without fear of doing damage to the vehicle.

All E/Z Rider inserts come with contoured aluminum window guards and door panels, and everything is finished off with a black powder coating, giving every component added resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

K9 comfort is also a priority with the E/Z Rider. It comes with a seamless base pan that is also contoured to the vehicle. The base pan allows the K9 to enter and exit the vehicle with no risk of harm to their legs. And the canopy top that is built into the E/Z Rider means maximum airflow into the insert, using factory rear air conditioning or heat.

E/Z Rider inserts are vigorously tested. A couple of those tests include a 1,000-hour salt fog chamber test and roof-mounted airbag deployment compatibility. The E/Z Rider passed both tests and then some.

The E/Z Rider can be paired with a number of accessories, including a removable divider for dual canine transport, a spill proof water dish, a rubber mat for additional comfort, the Coolguard temperature monitoring, and alarm system, and the R.E.S.C.U.E. remote door opening system.

2.       E/Z Prisoner Transport Modules – American Aluminum’s prisoner transport modules are available in several layouts and can be used to transport one, two, three or four prisoners. They can be removed and reused in other fleet vehicles, so it’s an investment that keeps on making returns.

American Aluminum Prisoner Transport SystemAmerican Aluminum’s prisoner transport systems are designed for use in standard and extended vans, and with an exhaustive list of features. They are designed to accommodate the factory rear air conditioning and heating and come with non-skid seating that covers all seating areas. High strength seatbelts are standard and are available in sizes that are designed for larger prisoners. Emergency front exit windows can be accessed from either side and doors are built with a security window covered in polycarbonate. LED security recessed lighting is installed inside the prisoner compartments and all compartment controls are kept in the driver area. There is no access to any locks or handles inside the prisoner compartment area, so maximum security is the priority here. That’s on display with the cam-handle locks, which come with a slam latch that can withstand up to 6,000 pounds of force. No one is getting out unless they are escorted out.

3.       Animal Control Solutions – American Aluminum’s animal control solutions are designed with four or six compartment units and are built to withstand even the most destructive animals. Every cage is built with insulated ceilings and side walls, and covered with aluminum sheeting. Every cage door is designed with perforations so that catch poles can be inserted for easy release and access.

Transported animals are kept cool and comfortable because there is an air conditioning vent into each cage, and each cage is fitted with a drain for easy cleaning.American Aluminum Animal Control Units

And once the animals are inside the cage, they aren’t going anywhere until they are supposed to. Slam locks are fitted to each cage door, and each one is capable of withstanding up to 6,000 pounds of force. All cage locks are keyed the same, so one key can access all cages. Protected LED lighting inside each cage allows animal control specialists to monitor animal status and more easily snare animals with catch poles.

American Aluminum is a master of metal, capable of producing high strength and low weight transport products that rival any other manufacturers. Whether transporting a K9 partner, an ornery escaped animal or a group of arrested individuals, American Aluminum has the perfect solution for the job.