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Angel Armor

As material sciences improve, the prospect of stronger, lighter armor is realistically attainable by police departments and agencies around the country. Angel Armor is one of those manufacturing firms that has benefited from these material improvements, as it can offer some of the most well-rounded personal and vehicle armor in the industry. Angel Armor’s personal and vehicle products are designed to never fail, with NIJ approved protection and maximum coverage. Just as important, the company’s armor products are easy to install and transferable from vehicle to vehicle. In other words, an investment into Angel Armor is an investment that will pay off for years to come.  

Angel Armor Vehicle Armor

Among public safety product providers, Angel Armor is among the younger manufacturers, but it has already asserted itself as the nation’s leader in vehicle and personal protection. The company’s roots were formed in 2004, during an advanced composite project started by EBS Carbon, based out of Boulder, Colorado. Over the next decade, advancements in armor materials and production processes ramped up protection and usability metrics, and in 2013, Angel Armor was officially established. A year later, it expanded its product lines from military to law enforcement and every year since it has added products to its police and military lines.

That makes Angel Armor a firm to watch, as it is constantly iterating on its technology and manufacturing capabilities. 

Angel Armor’s Vehicle Armor, Window Ballistic Armor & Bullet Proof Vest


The clue is in the name. Angel Armor is all about protection, for both vehicles and for personnel in the field. The company takes immense pride in the reliability of its products, even demonstrating them during live-fire exercises open to law enforcement personnel. Their latest was a demonstration at the Mesa State Firearms Training Facility in Arizona. There, Angel Armor tested its Avail vehicle ballistic panels, inviting people to take shots at it. The results? Fifty-three reports, not one failure. Obviously, failure is not an option in the world of ballistic armor.

1.       Avail IIIA and III Ballistic Armor Panels – The Avail is Angel Armor’s top vehicle protection product, and it stands out for many reasons. These aren’t generic, one-size-fits-all type panels, as Angel Armor designs them for particular makes and models. This includes vehicles manufactured by Ford, GM, Dodge and even Nissan, and it’s tough to find custom fit products for Nissan vehicles. That custom fit is essential to getting optimal coverage from the panel.

The Avail comes in NIJ IIIA and III varieties. The former is graded for protection from firearms up to .44 magnum caliber, while the latter can defend against weapons firing a 7.62mm caliber charge. It’s not every day that law enforcement comes up against criminals armed with rifles, but when they emerge, Avail panels can make the critical difference.

Angel Armor Ballistic Window ArmorAs one would expect, the Avail is made from extremely durable materials, so they are capable in any environment, whether dry, wet, hot or cold. They are tested to confirm this environmental resistance and Angel Armor can work with clients to ensure they get a product formatted for use in their region. And this level of ballistic protection and durability comes in a low weight package. The Avail IIIA weighs in at less than 10 pounds, while the Avail III comes in at about 35 pounds. Both are available with a reinforced hinge kit for maximum door support.

What might be the most attractive feature to fleet managers, though, is the panels’ ease of installation and reusability. Avail panels can be installed in less than 15 minutes, with simple tools and with no technical expertise. Finally, they can be removed and installed in another vehicle, assuming they are compatible with that vehicle’s build. Angel Armor does recommend that any reused panels are examined and tested to guarantee their protective qualities.

2.       Enlight Window Ballistic Armor – An obvious weak spot, even after door armor is installed, is the window. With Enlight window armor, though, this weak spot can be covered over. The Enlight system is a completely transparent panel that mounts to the door and behind the window. It leaves no exposed edges and cannot be accessed by people outside the vehicle unless the window has been rolled down. It bears mentioning here that the Enlight does not affect how the window operates.

The Enlight provides IIIA ballistic protection and multi-round protection, so it stands strong even when under prolonged attack. It weighs under 15 pounds and is 1 1/2 inches thick, so it takes up little room inside the vehicle. Installation is drop-in simple, requiring no tools whatsoever, and quick release handles allow for fast removal when needed. Given the ease of installation and removal, the Enlight is a long-term investment, as the panel can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. However, before installing it in another vehicle, it’s important to review vehicle functionality to verify that it will work properly.Angel Armor Body Armor & Bullet Proof Vest

3.       RISE and Truth SNAP Personal Protection – Personal protection is something field personnel will need in their vehicles at all times, and Angel Armor has the most sophisticated personal body armor on the market. The RISE provides NIJ II or IIIA level protection, while the Truth SNAP utilizes magnetic and modular design to provide up to NIJ III protection, along with advanced stab defense. Both are designed to be used with each other, so personnel can armor up or down as they see fit.

Angel Armor does one thing and it does it better than anyone else – manufacture failure-proof, lifesaving protection. With their vehicle and personal defense products, law enforcement can operate in the field with confidence and ease.