Bayco has been in the lighting business for more than 30 years, and in that time, it has grown quickly and with purpose, especially impacting law enforcement. Both of its brands are recognized the world over for their reliability and excellent performance, but it’s the Nightstick brand that is most utilized by law enforcement and first responder personnel. Both the Bayco and Nightstick brands are used with the company’s lighting products, and they cover every possible application. Bayco manufactures a variety of flashlights, lanterns, work lights, worn safety lights, gun-mount lights, and a whole lot more. The company offers tactical versions of many of its products, sold through the Nightstick name.

Bayco Tactical Flash Lights

Based out of North Texas, Bayco’s 110,000-square foot headquarters is one of the largest in the industry, and it’s responsible for housing manufacturing, design, research, and customer service professionals. Bayco does have additional manufacturing facilities abroad, and all of the company’s factories have undergone inspection and certification to ISO 9001 standards. These inspections are performed by third parties, so it’s a true stamp of approval. 

Bayco’s lighting products utilize LED technology as their light engine, which isn’t unusual or uncommon. What is uncommon is Bayco’s reliance on CREE LEDs, which are considered by many to be the best in the world. CREE LEDs tend to be rated for longer performance and more brilliant output, so they can be relied on in spots that demand uncompromising efficiency.

And as a nice touch, Bayco is a member of Call2Recycle, a corporate recycling program aimed at reducing the staggering amount of battery and electronics waste generated every year. Not every company is dedicated to its community, but Bayco is. 

Bayco’s Product Offerings - Tactical Flashlights, Head Lamps, Long Gun & Weapon Mounted Lights


Again, Bayco is singularly dedicated to high-quality lighting products, built into a huge range of form factors and intended for a variety of roles. This includes roles filled by law enforcement personnel, SWAT teams, and fire and rescue personnel. Here’s a more in-depth look at those products and the roles they fill.


Bayco Long Gun Light KitTactical dual-light flashlights – Flashlights are one of the most frequently employed tools by police and fire personnel, so tactical flashlights have to generate brilliant output while remaining completely in control. Bayco’s tactical dual-light flashlights offer just that.

     Each dual light model comes with two lights in one, each operated with a different button. The secondary light is a 200 lumen, unfocused floodlight, useful for illuminating a wide field of view at shorter distances. The primary light is an 850 lumen LED, paired with a deep parabolic reflector. The reflector casts a usable beam of light out to 280 meters, and the light comes with three brightness settings. If needed, both the flashlight and floodlight can be switched on at the same time for additional lighting presence.
Bayco’s flashlights are built with aircraft-grade aluminum, in the housing, tail, and bezel. The result is a light that will not fail under normal circumstances. It is IP-X7 rated for water intrusion, so it is practically waterproof, along with being impact and chemical resistant. And with a non-slip grip material wrapped around the light body, police and first responders can keep their hand on the light at all times without fear of dropping and losing it. 

Bayco Gun Mounted Tactical Light

2.       Tactical long gun light kits – SWAT and military personnel usually mount lights to the end of their long guns for added visibility and targeting capacity. Through the Nightstick brand, Bayco offers a handful of long gun light kits, each designed for a particular type of firearm.

Most of the kits are designed for firearms with a Weaver or Picatinny rail. They fire high powered beams, rated at 180 lumens, and also emit a wide secondary halo, which is ideal for close quarter battle situations. The beam reaches out to 190 meters, and like all of Bayco’s products, it utilizes LED technology to function. Each kit can also be paired with a remote pressure switch, which allows for extremely precise control over the light, even in rough conditions.

3.       Weapon mount lights – Under the Nightstick brand, Bayco also manufactures a set of weapon mount lights that can be made compatible with a variety of handguns. This includes Glock, 1913, TSW/99, and 90Two models. The light itself is extremely powerful, shining at an intense 850 lumens and emitting out to 245 meters. With the ambidextrous dual dependent toggle switch, users can activate momentary-on or continuous-on modes with ease. And these lights are designed to be tested, as they are waterproof and resistant to chemicals and impact.

4.       Low profile headlamps – Headlamps are essential tools among fire and rescue personnel, improving visibility without tying up the first responder’s hands. Bayco’s low profile headlamp is engineered for fire helmets and hardhats that come with a flip-up face shield. These headlamps are also built with dual lighting capability, with a flashlight and a floodlight that can either be operated independently or together for maximum output. Both generate 250 lumens in high mode and 125 lumens in low mode, so they can throw a great deal of light. Users can switch between modes and lights with a toggle at the front of the light, which is easy to find even in a room full of smoke.Bayco Low Profile Headlamps 

Bayco’s tactical lighting products are a respected contributor among police, fire and rescue personnel all over the world. With its near-obsessive focus on lighting in all of its forms, this is a brand that first responders can trust.