Brooking Industries

Brooking Industries

Based out of St. Augustine, Florida, Brooking Industries is a prolific manufacturer, with a deep catalog of lighting, speaker and prisoner transport products and solutions. Established in 1985, Brooking is known throughout the U.S. for its versatile and comprehensive solutions, most of which can be customized for various fleet vehicle models and roles.Brooking Industries Police Vehicle Products 

Like so many business success stories, Brooking Industries got its start as a fledgling company focused in a particular area. In this case, the area was switchboxes and switchbox accessories. At first, Brooking leveraged this capacity to forge a relationship with the country’s largest safety equipment retailer. Before long, though, Brooking would take another major step by partnering with a thermoplastics engineer and expanding its product portfolio. By securing a place in the thermoplastics industry, Brooking was able to confidently move into the prisoner transport market. And like so many successful young businesses, Brooking Industries' steady growth and focus on customer service put it on the map for good. By 1995, the company’s reputation as a reliable supplier was firmly established throughout the southeastern part of the country.

Brooking’s stated goal is to be a one-stop source for police and emergency personnel, striving for a product catalog that is as impressive as it is extensive.

Brooking Industries’  Light Bars, Sirens, Controllers & Police Vehicle Products


Although lighting wasn’t the company’s original focus, some of its most popular products fall into that category. Brooking Industries has an incredibly deep portfolio of products, including dozens of lighting choices. These run the gamut from traditional lightbars to beacons, to visor and hideaway lights. Beyond lighting, Brooking is still well known for its prisoner transport vehicle augmentations. Here’s a closer look at those products.Brooking Industries Light Bars & Police Vehicle Lighting

1.       Torrent lightbar – It seems like every lighting manufacturer that works with police and emergency has their version of the lightbar, and in Brooking’s case, it’s the Torrent. The Torrent is built with a low-profile design and comes with second-generation optics, ensuring much-improved lighting output and aesthetics. Torrent LEDs are available in red, white, blue, and amber, as well as dual options. The lightbar is built with an extruded aluminum chassis, which helps with heat dissipation, along with creating a strong, rigid structure. Lighting lenses are also UV-stabilized, so the Torrent will not yellow and crack after extended exposure to sunlight.

As for the Torrent’s lighting options, there are plenty to consider. It comes complete with three progressive warning modes and can be built with single color or interwoven dual color LEDs. With dual color LEDs, users have additional options in operating their Torrent. For example, with white LEDs as the secondary color, they can be engaged to generate a full front flood takedown light. Or, rear facing inboards can be configured with amber light to help with traffic flow. Lighting patterns can be preprogrammed or changed on the fly. Other standard features include manual low power mode, directional and traffic control patterns, front and rear cutoff, flashing takedowns, alley lighting and flashing.

2.    Brooking Industries Sirens & Controllers For Police Vehicles    Legion lightbar – The Legion is an alternative to the Torrent, offering most of the same functionality while coming in a more economical package. The LE Series is the standout version of the Legion and also comes with three progressive warning modes. It can operate in directional and traffic control modes and is designed with rear and front cutoff, a manual low power mode, flashing takedowns and alley lighting mode. The LED takedown and alley lights are optional, which can reduce the cost further for fleets operating in rural settings.

3.       LS-100 loudspeaker – Loudspeakers are ideal for both police and first responders, as they can greatly amplify a responder’s presence in the field. Brooking’s LS-100 model is engineered with a compact design that can fit just about anywhere, including the vehicle’s push bumper. It outputs an impressive 100W while remaining compact enough that it can be installed on just about any vehicle. It is completed with a neodymium magnet and an aluminum housing finished with a black powder coating. Brooking Industries includes the bail bracket and mounting hardware.

4.       Vacuum seats – Brooking’s vacuum formed seats are made for prisoner transport and are built from ABS plastic. ABS plastic is both flame retardant and UB stable and is extremely resistant to both biohazards and pathogens. In other words, Brooking Industries’ seats are built to last.Brooking Industries Prisoner Transport Systems

Vacuum seating is ideal for preventing prisoners from hiding contraband and can be cleaned easily in the event that something unsavory happens in the back seat. The seating comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and each pair of seats are built using C&C technology, so they produce a perfect fit every single time. Together, this makes installation a cinch and helps fleet managers protect their vehicles’ value. The seating can even be removed and installed in another vehicle of the same model, so vehicle value and investment into the product are both preserved.

Brooking Industries also builds sturdy window bars out of 11-gauge, powder-coated steel. Horizontal bars allow for better visibility and are better at accommodating LED lightheads. Window bars are essential for preventing expensive kick-outs and protecting officers from harm. Even better, they are easy and quick to install.

It's a varied set of products to be sure and aligns with the company’s desired goal of providing a comprehensive set of vehicle solutions to every police and emergency fleet. Given Brooking Industries' ambitious start and meteoric rise to regional prominence, its goal seems to be well within reach.