Brother Mobile Solutions is just one part of the enormous multinational corporation that is the Brother Group, but this part is vital for law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel. Perhaps its most important set of products is its mobile and in-vehicle printers, which allow law enforcement personnel to quickly and accurately produce all manner of documentation.Brother Mobile Printer Mounting Options 

Police, fire, and emergency personnel utilize an arsenal of equipment in the field, and for law enforcement, who must prioritize safety at all times, the mobile printer’s role may seem diminished. But with the never-ending drive to document and database as much as possible, the printer has never been more important for public safety.

Public safety officers and local courts work together closely, and proper judicial processes demand that police maintain an incredible level of information, and deliver this information to people of interest while in the field. A mobile printer makes that possible. With a mobile printer, police can generate copies of warrants, citations, summons, warnings, parking violations, accident reports, receipts, AMBER Alerts, evidence labels, driver information exchanges, office tags, and a number of other documents. The ability to produce these in the field saves police time, ensures they can do their job without fail and improves their safety. That’s because a mobile printer can be operated without taking eyes off of a driver or perpetrator.

Brother’s printers have been the standard for law enforcement for years, and the company produces models that are designed for in-vehicle use or designed to be carried on a person. All of the brand’s printers also make use of thermal technology to produce printed materials.

As a medium, thermal printing is less expensive and more reliable than inkjet printing, and produces an equivalent image quality. Thermal printing components are easier to scale down as well, which is how Brother manufactures extremely compact printer models.

Brother Pocket Jet Mobile Printer


Brother’s Mobile Printer & Mounts Product Offerings

Brother offers several printer models, and they are all marked by their portability and overall usability. Because they are so compact in size, Brother’s printers can be mounted just about anywhere in the vehicle, allowing fleet managers to optimize how the printer is utilized. But as for those printers, here is a closer look at them:

1.       PocketJet – The PocketJet is Brother’s larger printer model, capable of handling paper up to 8 1/2 inches in width. That’s standard letter size. But even though it can print out full size documents, the PocketJet comes in at a svelte 10” x 2.2” x 1.2”. At that size, the printer can be readily installed in the vehicle, which is why Brother offers a vehicle installation and setup kit option with the PocketJet.

The PocketJet operates using full-speed USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi Direct mediums, and is compatible with Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, Apple Airprint and Google Cloud Print. It can also be used with most Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Interoperability is not a major concern here, in other words.

As a robust thermal printer, the PocketJet is capable of outputting at 300dpi resolution and can do so with speeds up to 8ppm. Optional accessories include a rugged roll case, for those times when the printer has to be carried outside of the vehicle. The roll case provides IP54 protection and drop protection from about four feet up.

2.       RuggedJet – Where the PocketJet is designed with versatility in mind, the RuggedJet is about durability (with a respectable level of versatility, as well). It lives up to its name, as it is built with IP54 protection and can withstand a drop from six feet high. With IP54 defense, the RuggedJet can repel dust intrusion and water sprays. With that kind of environmental protection, the RuggedJet is best used in exterior applications, though it can be mounted in the vehicle as well.Brother Rugged Jet Mobile Printer

The RuggedJet can print documents up to four inches wide, which makes it ideal for outputting labels and receipts. It can do that at 200 dpi resolution and at speeds up to 5 inches per second. The printer offers all that while assuming a modest 6.4” x 7” x 3” build, so it really can be mounted anywhere.

Like the PocketJet, the RuggedJet is designed with maximum interoperability, as it can work with Windows, iOS and Android devices. Optionally, it can be fitted with a magnetic card reader. Other optional accessories include a protective case, a shoulder strap, vehicle mounting, rechargeable lithium ion battery, serial cable and DC vehicle adapter.

3.       In-vehicle mounts – Because Brother’s printers are far from imposing in size, it’s easy to accommodate them in any police vehicle, be it sedan or utility vehicle. For its Pocketjet and RuggedJet models, Brother can provide one of about two dozen mounting options. Those include armrest mounts, between seat mounts, cage mounts, dashboard mounts, glove box mounts, headrest mounts, over the seat mounts, wall mounts, center console mounts, under dashboard mounts and swivel mounts.

Brother even manufactures mounts for motorcycles, which can be installed in the side saddle bag, back compartment or the motorcycle box. In short, Brother’s printers can go anywhere fleet managers need them to go.

The days of hand writing citations, warnings and the like have gone by the wayside. It’s no longer practical to expect such from public safety officers, so they need a tool that can compensate. Brother’s printers are the best option in this regard, and their combination of reliability and usefulness makes them an essential part of any fleet.