Durabook specializes in creating custom computing solutions for police, EMS, industrial and military clients. Their laptops are built to take a serious beating and can withstand shock, pressure, heat, cold, moisture, and just about any other type of environment.

Durabook is a brand name well recognized in military, police, and emergency responder circles as the go-to portable computer solution in the field. Twinhead International is behind the Durabook brand. Twinhead has been and still is a powerful tech corporation that has been manufacturing computing systems since 1984, but the focus on mission-specific computing systems started to become emphasized in 2000, and in 2002 the Durabook brand was born.

 Durabook’s Product Offerings


Durabook laptops are unmistakable when encountered in the field, as they look like they are armored for combat. Durabook offers semi-rugged and rugged models, the former offering better portability while the latter is extremely durable. Police, fire departments, and first-responders can likely find applications for both. The manufacturer also boasts its ability to piece together custom solutions, working with its clients to generate an optimal computing product. It’s not just talk, either, Durabook has a robust research and development staff on hand that specializes in hardware, software, mechanical, and radio frequency engineering, as well as thermal design and safety.

Every Durabook is a marvel of engineering, but some of the most popular product offerings include:

Durabook Ruggedized Laptop1.       The R8300 R2 – The R8300 R2 is a rugged piece of hardware and meets a wide swath of engineering standards to prove it. It also represents Durabook’s flagship model for police applications. It has proven drop-resistance, according to the MIL-STD 810G test (method 516.6), which involves dropping the laptop 26 times from a 4-foot height. It has undergone the MIL-STD 810G (method 514.6) test for vibration resistance, which is designed to simulate heavy truck transport.

The R8300 R2 is built to IP65 standards, which refers to the laptop’s capacity for handling water and dust intrusion. The IP65 rating, specifically, means that the laptop is completely protected from dust intrusion, effectively meaning it is dust tight. It is also shielded from water intrusion and capable of shrugging off water applied to the laptop’s housing via jets. To meet IP65 standards, the laptop has to undergo a 3-minute test where it is sprayed with 12 1/2 liters of water at 30 kPa of pressure. Durabook’s laptops are tested with hard drives in operation, so there is no doubt that the R8300 R2 is able to handle large amounts of dust or water with little concern.

The R8300 R2 brings impressive corrosion resistance as well, completing the MIL-STD 810G (method 509.5) salt fog test. During this test, the laptop is sealed in a chamber and sprayed with a saltwater solution. The test produces a highly corrosive environment that pushes the laptop’s housing and anti-corrosion coating. The R8300 R2 is capable of functioning while swamped by this heavy salt fog and without a significant level of oxide formation, so it is a proven tool in areas where exposure to salt or other corrosive materials is expected.

The tests don’t stop there. Through MIL-STD 810G testing, the R8300 R2 has also proven its ability to operate in a wide temperature range, specifically from -20 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity is no issue, either, as the laptop has been tested at humidity levels from five percent to 95 percent. Finally, altitude is just a word to the R8300 R2, as it can operate safely up to 15,000 feet and handle altitudes of up to 40,000 feet if it is not in operation. There is no situation that is too much for Durabook laptops to manage.

This ruggedness does not require a performance compromise, either, as the R8300 R2 is engineered with Intel’s most powerful processor chipset, the Skylake. It is set with two DDR4 slots, providing space for up to 32GB of RAM. It is also built with a hot-swappable hard drive bay so that drives can be switched out without having to shut the laptop down.

The R8300 R2 is a popular option for in-vehicle applications, though it is also portable enough for those times where the laptop needs to be removed. Even though it is almost impossibly durable, the R8300 R2 is still light and small enough to fit into first-responder vehicles without getting in the way.

2.Durabook Rugged Tablet       The R11 tablet – The R11 tablet meets most of the same durability standards that the R8300 is built to. It conforms to MIL-STD 810G standards for drop and vibration resistance, is also IP65 certified for dust and water intrusion, and is also capable of operating in extremely low and high temperatures.

The R11 is ideal for situations that call for optimal portability, as it weighs less than 3 pounds and can be secured to law enforcement personnel comfortably. It provides up to seven hours of battery life, which is nearly long enough to handle an entire shift and is available with accessories like a stylus pen with signature capture. This makes the R11 a convenient way to deliver citations and acquire signature confirmation from cited drivers.

3. Durabook's Solar Charger For Tablets & LaptopsDurabooks Solar Charger - This charger is the answer to finding a better and more economical way to environmentally friendly energy for laptops and tablets as well as giving you the ability to keep your laptop and tablets supplied with power in places where there is none! This solar charging unit combines a traditional briefcase and outfits it with a high-performance solar unit designed to charge laptops and tablets made by the manufacturer. The unit is also made from recycled PET fabric in order to further make it environmentally friendly.

Durabook laptops and tablets are Bluetooth compatible, so they can be tied to other devices and networks with little difficulty. This represents a major convenience to police departments, as they may have to manage hundreds of devices.

Durabook’s laptop and tablet solutions are the standards for law enforcement personnel, providing a wealth of information and time-saving applications in an extremely durable package.