Federal Signal

Federal Signal

Federal Signal has been providing quality lighting and siren products for law enforcement and first responders for decades. Its products are designed for police, fire, and EMS vehicles, and represent the leading edge of vehicle lighting and audio technology. It’s no surprise that Federal Signal is a nationally-trusted provider of light and sound, as it released its first outdoor siren to the market in 1917, and its first police car beacon in 1948. That’s a century’s worth of experience in the industry, and with that kind of history, it’s clear that Federal Signal knows how to work with law enforcement and first responder fleets.

Federal Signal is a designer and manufacturer of all things light and sound, including police and fire/EMS light bars, fire/EMS beacons, sirens, speakers, area lighting systems, alarms, and some truly interesting lighting technologies, like thermal identification systems. In addition to audio and lighting products, Federal Signal has developed various police vehicle accessories, like transport systems, push bumpers, cameras, and spike strip systems. In short, it’s a manufacturer that does it all, and at a high level.

And it can turn out a lot of product in a hurry. Because the business has had a century to develop and expand, it now employs more than 2,200 people and maintains 10 manufacturing facilities around the world, including facilities in the United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, and several U.S. locations.Federal Signal Lightbars For Police and EMS Vehicles 

Federal Signal’s Product Offerings

Lighting and sirens are among the most critical components installed on police and fire/EMS vehicles. Without them, it would be impossible for law enforcement and first responders to interact adequately with the public. Lighting and sound technology, then, is something that fleets cannot compromise on. Fortunately, there is no need to compromise with Federal Signal, as its products utilize the most efficient and modern lighting and sound technologies available to engineers. Some of those products include:

1.       Police and fire/EMS light bars – Federal Signal has developed several light bar varieties for first responder vehicles, but among them, the Valor is what most would consider the primary offering. The Valor is built into a V-shape, which is ingenious for one major reason. Because more light is thrown to the sides with the Valor, vehicles sitting at intersections will see the first responder coming from much further away. It’s a smart and crucial part of the safety equation. And like most modern light bars, it comes in a low profile for reduced wind noise and resistance.

The Valor is an effective warning device, but can also be configured to cast a floodlight and to be directed from one side of the light bar to the other. Floodlight capabilities improve tactical performance and can make the difference in remote rescue operations. With optional HotFoot mounting, vehicles can be fitted with LED alley and takedown lights.Federal Signal Sirens & Siren Systems

The Valor and all Federal Signal light bars are made for easy installation and maximum durability. The Valor, for instance, is made with ROC technology, eliminating potential failure points and replacing wiring and connectors with PCB assemblies. Valor installation is plug and play, using standard RJ45 connectors.

2.       Police and fire/EMS sirens – Federal Signal’s sirens are more than just sound makers. They are highly customizable, highly controllable systems that can be integrated with the company’s other products. Of its siren models, it is the SmartSiren Platinum that occupies the flagship role, and it comes with an exhaustive list of features.

First, the SmartSiren Platinum comes with standard siren tones as well as Unitrol tones and can be used to sound an air horn, radio rebroadcast, or PA. Other amplifier features include horn ring transfer, locking power connectors, and park kill. It is built with three serial ports for connection to the company’s light bars, like the Valor or Integrity. Once connected, personnel can operate both the SmartSiren Platinum’s and Valor’s various features from a single control head. That control head is designed with 17 backlit push buttons and a four-position slide switch. All lighting can be disabled instantly when put in stealth mode. Further control head customization is available with more than 100 labeling stickers.

What should come as a major relief to fleet managers is that every SmartSiren Platinum in the fleet can be configured from remote software. The software is downloaded from Federal Signal’s website and allows fleet managers to set up configuration profiles and instantly apply them across the entire fleet. In fact, all control head functions can be cloned to all control heads, so all personnel will have access to the same set of vehicle controls at all times.

3.      AirEL Thermal Identification Systems AirEL Thermal Identification System – Now here’s something ingenious, automatic, and potentially life-saving. The AirEL can be used with police, fire and public safety vehicles, and even on boats. The AirEL is a set of alphanumeric characters, each installed on top of fleet vehicles, and each vehicle is was given a unique identifying set of letters and numbers. Utilizing electroluminescence, the letters and numbers glow at night and are highly visible, even in pitch dark settings. When installed on the top of fleet vehicles, every vehicle can be identified quickly and from long distance by police or rescue helicopters. This can be of great benefit when tracking a pursuit or when attempting to secure a disaster perimeter.

From ground level, the AirEL commands an immediate presence and helps people properly identify police and rescue vehicles, even at night.

Sight and sound - that is what Federal Signal has perfected for police, fire, and EMS personnel over the decades. Both are essential to effective policing and rescue operations. For this reason, public safety and fire departments the world over have made extensive use of Federal Signal’s advanced lighting and audio technologies.