Gamber Johnson

Gamber Johnson

For more than 60 years, Gamber Johnson has been a reliable provider of vehicle mounting components, particularly in the electronics market, making them a valuable partner for police and emergency vehicle fleets. The company manufactures laptop and computing mounts for a variety of sectors, including the military, telecommunications, utility, material handling, transport, public safety, and law enforcement sectors. Laptop workstations are now an essential component of police vehicle fleets and Gamber Johnson is a respected name in the United States and abroad. Among its clientele are the Virginia State Police, the Baltimore Police Department, the Pittsburgh Police Department, and the Houston Police Department.

Originally, Gamber Johnson was entirely focused on designing and manufacturing wooden cabinets for stereo equipment. It would be decades before computing technology was portable enough to fit into vehicles, but when it was, Gamber Johnson was one of the first manufacturers to create mounting systems for mobile computing. Much of its recent success has come from expanding its presence abroad — foreign exports as a percentage of its sales have grown from zero to 13 percent in just five years. Gamber Johnson’s high-quality mounting equipment can be found in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Australia, India, and the United Arab Emirates, and the company has signed agreements with 22 countries to set up service centers for its equipment, so it isn’t going to stop growing anytime soon.

In addition to its laptop mounting equipment, Gamber Johnson also manufactures some of the best consoles and table docking equipment as well. So, in more than 60 years, the company has gone from stereo cabinets to mobile computing mounting solutions. That kind of shift takes foresight and quality engineering, and that dedication to quality engineering is reflected in its ISO 9001 certification and adherence to U.S. Military standards for much of its product portfolio. In short, Gamber Johnson hardware can be trusted, even in the toughest environments.

Gamber Johnson’s Product Offerings

Gamber & Johnson Center ConsolesJust about every U.S. police department relies on mobile computing in their fleet vehicles, and many have switched out their full laptop models for tablets. But in either case, Gamber Johnson can furnish a mounting solution, no matter what vehicle model the fleet operates with. This includes both sedans and utility vehicles, so the company can provide a perfect mounting option for departments in both rural and urban settings. Here’s a more detailed look at the manufacturer’s products and their features:

1.       Heavy duty consoles – Gamber Johnson’s consoles are feature-rich and built for tough use. Each one is made of heavy gauge steel and one-piece construction, so there are no weak areas caused by inconsistent welding. The company pairs this durable steel construction with a black powder coating, which not only makes the console look good, but ensures it is protected from corrosion as well.

They are built with low profiles and require no drilling for installation. The top and center plate are removable for easy radio installation and wire routing. And there are five 12V knockouts, with four on the back and one on the driver side, along with USB and MP3 knockouts.

There’s a great deal of mounting space available with Gamber Johnson consoles. Horizontally, the low-profile section accommodates up to 13 inches of mounting space, while the vertical part of the console brings 7 ½ inches of mounting space. That’s enough room for a pair of full-size radios.

2.       Gamber & Johnson Laptop Mounts For Vehicles Laptop mounts – Gamber Johnson manufactures a range of heavy duty laptop mounts, and both pole and seat are made of high strength steel or aluminum with a black powder coat. This approach ensures the mount can withstand constant use over many years.

Gamber Johnson mounting poles are compatible with a range of the company’s mounting seats, and are built with a side lever for height and rotational adjustments. The lever is easy enough to manage without the need for additional torque, so wrenches aren’t necessary. The mounting pole’s collar can be used to lock in the height while rotation adjustments are made. In short, it offers maximum efficiency and minimal effort.

As for the mounting seat, Gamber Johnson manufactures models for particular vehicle makes and universal models, as well. They anchor to the passenger side seat to ensure they don’t go anywhere, and come with three 3-bolt patterns for versatile mounting options. Mounting seats are produced with aluminum to reduce weight while preserving strength and driving corrosion resistance up even further.

3.       Tablet docking stations – Gambler Johnson’s rugged docking stations are designed for a variety of tablets, including the Dell Latitude and Microsoft Surface. And by rugged, this means the docking stations conform to SAE and MIL-STD testing standards.

When docked, elegance is the watchword. All cords connect to the back of the dock and can be routed to the side or down the center. All ports are still available after docking, which is easy to execute thanks to Gamber Johnson’s “Slam & Lock” engineering design. Even the tablet’s stylus and card reader can still be used after docking. Additional USB ports are built into the dock and are located in the front.

Optional features include RF for cellular and WiFi, additional power supply items, and a keyed lock for theft deterrence.

Gamber Johnson has been innovating and modernizing its approach for more than a half century, and even though the nature and sophistication of electronics have changed repeatedly in that timeframe, the company remains an important equipment supplier for police departments all over the world.