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Go Industries Vehicle Storage BoxesAlthough GO Industries was not originally founded to serve the field of law enforcement, it has always focused on enhancing vehicle protection, something that fleet managers have to prioritize. Today, the company provides a strong array of vehicle defense and organization products, including weapon mounts, center and full wrap push bumpers, trunk shelf trays, window guards, and skid plates, among other offerings.

GO Industries has a long history of developing implements for better vehicle protection. After its establishment in 1978, the company first went to market with its pickup truck tailgate protectors, each manufactured out of 11-gauge steel. It was a success for GO Industries and Robert Orth, the company’s founder and current chairman. Such a success, in fact, that the business expanded its initial product line to include grille guards, bed rails, and headache racks.

Its rapid growth means GO Industries has had to expand its operations significantly over the years. The company operates two manufacturing facilities, one in Richardson, Texas and one in Clifton, Texas, and its offices and distribution center are also based out of Richardson. Like many modern manufacturers, GO Industries relies on the quality of its processes and equipment, which is why it utilizes computer-controlled fabrication technology and robotic welding machines. With hundreds of employees and more than 150,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, GO Industries represents one of the most accomplished businesses servicing the law enforcement field.

GO Industries’Police & Emergency Vehicle Product Offerings

Go Industries Push BumpersGO Industries, again, is best known for its vehicle protection products, and most of these are intended for use on the vehicle’s exterior. However, GO Industries also provides a handful of products designed to improve gear and weapons security and organization. Here is a deeper look into the company’s product portfolio.

1.       Gun mounts – GO Industries manufactures a dual gun mount specifically for the Dodge Charger, of any year between 2011 and 2017. The mount can hold either one gun or two and can be paired with Santa Cruz locks for additional security. GO Industries’ gun mounts are made from 16-gauge steel and are finished with a textured, black powder coat finish for additional protection against corrosion and wear. All of the company’s products come with a warranty, and its dual gun racks are no exception. In this case, it’s a full one-year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

2.     Push bumpers – GO Industries’ push bumpers are a major part of the company’s portfolio, as exterior vehicle guards are what made the business successful in the first place. It’s no surprise, then, that GO Industries knows how to make an effective push bumper.

Go Industries Gun Mounts

The company manufactures push bumper center sections, lower center bumper tubes, center rectangular wings, and full bumper wraps. With several bumper options, fleet managers can upfit their vehicles as they see fit, with as much protection as they need. Furthermore, bumper components are customized to vehicle make and model, so they produce a perfect fit every time.

GO Industries’ bumpers are designed with a complete weld, one-piece construction that ensures extended durability and lifespan. They feature 1.9-inch, 14-gauge tubing, 1/4-inch uprights, and an 11-gauge shelf plate, which is thick enough to take a punch. It’s topped off with the company’s Ultimate Armor finish, designed to enhance rust and corrosion protection. Obviously, this is a much-needed layer of protection in areas near the coast and in the north, where exposure to airborne moisture is nearly constant. The finish is packaged with a three-year warranty and all needed hardware is included with each bumper.

3.       Trunk shelf trays – Go Industries manufactures several trunk trays for additional storage and organization, particularly for mission-critical electronics. The company’s shelf trays are available in single and double shelf builds, and its double shelf models are designed with storage compartments for additional gear.

GO Industries’ shelf trays are, like its other products, made with thick steel for superior durability. In this case, it’s 11-gauge steel, and each shelf can manage up to 350 pounds of gear and electronics. Every shelf is layered with a black powder coat finish that provides extra protection to the metal. All required hardware is also included with the shelf for easy installation.

4.       Window guards – GO Industries’ window guards provide maximum kick out prevention and also prevent anyone from breaking into the vehicle through the window. The company offers several guard designs, each one designed for a different vehicle make and model. As such, every guard provides a tight fit and secure installation, so it will hold firm even when under attack.

All of Go Industries’ window guards are laser cut and made from 16-gauge steel. They are also coated with a powder black finish for superior wear and corrosion protection. And like all of Go Industries’ products, they come with all needed hardware for installation. The hardware, in this case, is a set of sheet metal screws that secure tightly to the door frame.

5.     Go Rhino Skid Plates  Skid plates – Skid plates are a simple but valuable addition to fleet vehicles, protecting their undercarriage from damage when bottoming out. Go Industries manufactures skid plates for 2011-2016 Dodge Chargers and utilizes the same strong workmanship and high strength steel found in its other products. And with its black powder finish, it comes with additional resistance to wear and impact.

Go Industries has earned a reputation over the decades as a manufacturer that emphasizes reliable quality and unmatched toughness in its products. To fleet managers everywhere, that’s music to their ears.