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For more than 40 years, GO Rhino has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of various aftermarket vehicle components, including automotive components for public safety and law enforcement personnel. Although GO Rhino manufactures products for civilian vehicles as well, its police vehicle products are highly respected among fleet managers. GO Rhino products are all about top-notch, no-frills protection. They’re tough, they’re dependable, and they are built to last. For field personnel facing uncertain, potentially dangerous conditions, that’s exactly what is needed.

GO Rhino Gun Mounts & Vehicle Storage Boxes

GO Rhino has been around since 1975 and was the first company to put together a modular grille for trucks. Their wheel-to-wheel grille guard is patented and also a fine example of the company’s engineering prowess. Also impressive is the company’s commitment to strong quality controls. GO Rhino’s manufacturing, inspection, and quality control processes adhere to the globally recognized ISO9001 category of certification. ISO9001 certification demonstrates a true commitment to product quality, and GO Rhino pairs it with advanced manufacturing technology like precision jigs and robotic welders.


GO Rhino’s Police & Safety Vehicle Product Offerings

GO Rhino’s products are largely designed for the vehicle’s exterior, but the company also manufactures excellent partition and seating items. Still, the company is best known for its push bumpers and guards, and here’s a closer look at them and GO Rhino’s other products:

1.       5000 Series push bumpers – GO Rhino has earned its reputation for manufacturing the most durable and reliable push bumpers around. And among its push bumpers, it is the 5000 Series that law enforcement personnel look to for ultimate protection.

The 5000 Series is available in both steel and 

aluminum construction. The former is ideal for maximum protection and durability, while the latter is much lighter without sacrificing needed defense. Aluminum is also highly resistant to corrosion and rust, which makes it a strong choice for coastal and northern regions. Both steel and aluminum push bumpers are manufactured with one-piece construction, simplifying installation and ensuring no weak spots in the bumper’s structure. More about installation, it is kept as easy as possible, as no drilling is required to install the bumper.

GO Rhino Push Bumpers & Brush GuardsThe upper crossbar is built with 2-inch tubing and supported with 1/4-inch uprights, making for all around sturdiness. It’s also built with an extruded cross plate that’s designed for easy lighting or equipment mounting. The PVC trim that comes with the bumper can also be replaced when needed.

Finally, GO Rhino’s 5000 Series is designed with a textured black powder coat finish and comes with a five-year warranty. That’s one of the longest warranties in the industry.

2.       The LR Series push bumper – The LR Series is practically identical to the 5000 Series, offering the same sturdy construction and easy installation. What makes the LR Series different is its compatibility with most lighting brands. With the LR Series, fleet managers can integrate lights into their push bumpers, with either a two-light or four-light model. Ideal for that extra bit of visibility.

3.       Push bumper brush guards – The 5000 and LR Series install in the middle of the vehicle’s front, and they provide maximum protection in their role. However, if additional defense is needed, particularly in front of the vehicle’s headlights, then brush guards are the ideal choice.

GO Rhino’s brush guards come in standard and heavy duty varieties, and both are built with 1 1/4-inch steel tubing. The heavy duty wraparounds extend a bit further and come with an additional crossbar for superior headlight protection, but both are effective against road hazards and sudden deer encounters. GO Rhino’s heavy duty brush guards are perfect for shielding the vehicle’s headlights during a PIT maneuver.

The brush guards are made with the same single-piece approach to construction and paired with a black powder finish for protection against environmental damage.Go Rhino Window Guards

4.       Window guards – GO Rhino’s window guards are highly versatile, in that they can be installed over any OEM door panels. Every guard is built with high strength steel that prevents kick outs and a black powder finish that resists abrasions. They can also be installed and removed easily, as the guards come with pre-drilled holes. With easy removal, the guards can be kept clean with little trouble.

5.       Prisoner seating – Although GO Rhino is best known for its exterior vehicle products, it also manufactures high-quality seating. The company’s seating is manufactured from TPO, which is a high-quality thermoplastic capable of withstanding enormous wear and tear. TPO is impervious to solar radiation, so extended time in the sun will not damage it. A lot goes on in the backseat of fleet vehicles, but GO Rhino’s seating will not crack or become brittle, even if exposed to chemical attack.Go Rhino Prisoner Seating

The low profile design provides extra head and legroom in the back, so officers can get prisoners out quickly and with little effort. The seating can be paired with GO Rhino’s center belting system, so the officer doesn’t have to reach over the prisoner to belt them in, ensuring they are not exposed to attack by an uncooperative prisoner. The belts meet all SAE and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and are built with special grip handles that allow for instant tightening.

GO Rhino seating, like all of its products, is built for low effort installation and does not require any gaskets or spacers to fit snugly in the vehicle.

GO Rhino is, much like its namesake, all about toughness. Its products are worn on the vehicle like a suit of armor, protecting both it and the people inside from the rigors of police work. The job is to get home safely, and GO Rhino is dedicated to making that happen for fleets around the country.