Golight is so proud of their technology that they named themselves after what they do; they produce powerful, quality lighting that can be precisely controlled. Their products are appropriate for all police and first responders, but they are particularly important for first responders that operate in remote or rural areas. Golight products are designed for the vehicle exterior, and from their position, they can emit an extremely powerful beam of light. What makes Golight’s technology interesting is that it can be controlled via remote from inside the vehicle. This means first responders can assess a scene before they exit their vehicle.Go Light Remote Control Spot Lights For Police & Emergency Vehicles

Lighting is often the underrated element of proper situation management. Every agency knows that its personnel must be thoroughly equipped, but proper lighting is frequently left out of the equation. This isn’t usually due to a willful refusal to upgrade vehicle lighting, but due to not understanding what better lighting can do. A powerful and controllable light source means first responders and police can scan a setting from the safety of their vehicle. It also means first responders can quickly and comprehensively assess who needs help and what hazards need to be neutralized. Likewise, police can use the improved lighting to keep an eye on perps and spot potential dangers like a weapon from a distance. In short, better lighting can be a matter of life and death.

Golight has built up a reputation among law enforcement, emergency, and fire agencies as a brand they can trust. The first Golights were engineered in 1993, after an extensive design and prototyping process. But even though the technology was impressive to begin with, the company’s founder, Jerry Gohl, had to work to make his first sale. In fact, he traveled across the country to show off the first batch of Golights in person, and the company’s future rested on that trip. Fortunately for Jerry and for first responders everywhere, it was a success.

Golight Offers High Power Remote Control Spot Lights & Scene Lights

Golight manufactures several varieties of its lighting technology, and the differences between them are subtle. What unifies them, though, is their top level power and remote controllability. All Golight products are designed to use halogen or LED bulbs, as the former is ideal for maximum lighting output and intensity, while LEDs offer superior longevity and efficiency. As light has a tendency to radiate in several directions at once, Golight fixtures are built with reflectors, and these ensure the light goes where it is supposed to go. In short, It’s a highly concentrated and focused beam.

If there is a single Golight model that could be considered its flagship, it would likely be the Stryker. The Stryker is the go to option for law enforcement and first responders, for several reasons. Some of those reasons include:Go Light high Power Spot Lights

1.       Low maintenance, high durability build – Light, especially halogen light, can generate a lot of heat in a hurry. That heat is the fixture’s enemy, as it will quickly degrade lighting quality if not managed. Beyond that, Golight fixtures are installed outside, so they are exposed to the elements at all times. Rain, heat, snow, wind – Golight products have to withstand it all.

And that’s what they do. The Stryker is built with a Luran cover, which is a transparent polymer that offers excellent heat and impact resistance. It is also UV resistant, and this helps maintain the light’s integrity. The fixture housing is built of highly durable stainless steel, which provides an added level of corrosion and impact resistance.

That minimal maintenance is made even more minimal with the use of LED technology. LEDs are the most efficient and longest-living lights in existence, and they usually provide close to 50,000 hours of performance before they need to be replaced. That’s many years of intermittent operation.

2.       Excellent beam properties – Golight technology features a focused beam. The narrower the beam angle, within reason, the brighter the spot it can produce. Golight fixtures push that principle to the limit, as they emit in an 8-degree angle. With just 40 watts of power, the Stryker can fire a beam that is visible out beyond 3,700 feet and generates an incredible 512 lux at a little more than 80 feet. That’s enough light to easily see into cars and spot subtle differences in contrast and color.


3.       Superb controllability – Quality lighting is just one part of the Golight equation. The other part is unmatched controllability, and it’s this controllability that is coveted by law enforcement and first responders.

The Stryker, like all of Golight’s products, is directed using a remote control. This control can be used to change the light’s direction and can also be used to power the light up or down. Golight offers a couple varieties of its controls, including a wireless handheld version and a wireless dash mount that allows for added accessibility.

Using the remote, the Golight can be swiveled in a 360-degree pattern and can be tilted up at a 135-degree angle. And the Stryker can be mounted to the vehicle using a temporary (magnetic) or permanent mount. The light’s operation is not affected by either.

Golight was the result of a smart idea and smart engineering. The company has come a long way in two decades, and they still offer the most impressive and most controllable lighting solutions for law enforcement and first responders in any setting.