Lind Electronics

Lind Electronics

Lind Electronics is, like the name suggests, all about providing top of the line electronics to public safety and law enforcement fleets all over the world. Its primary offerings to police and emergency personnel include various power adapters, specialized cables, laptop accessories, and shutdown timers. Advanced electronics are a must to ensure a fleet performs reliably and safely, and most of Lind Electronics’ products are designed to boost those two traits.

While most manufacturers servicing law enforcement have a local, statewide or national reach, Lind Electronics is a truly global company. Its headquarters is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, but it also maintains a sizeable office in Filderstadt, Germany and is partnered with other manufacturers in Japan, Italy, and New Zealand. Size doesn’t usually matter in the world of police device manufacturing, but it is a sign that a company has done something right. It’s tough to climb to the top of the pile if offering an inferior product.

And Lind Electronics’ products are anything but inferior. Established in 1975, the company has performed as a direct support OEM supplier for some of the biggest names in technology, including Dell, Panasonic, General Dynamics, Trimble, Motion Computer and more. It boasts a microscopic product failure rate at .02 percent, which is likely the best in the industry. Put it all together, and it’s clear that Lind is a company that any fleet manager should want to work with.

Lind Electronics’ Vehicle Power Adapters, Shutdown Timers & Solar Power Charging


Lind Vehicle Power AdaptersLind’s products are focused on supporting other electronic devices and ensuring that the vehicle’s systems can function as reliably as possible. As laptops and communications are essential components of a patrol officer’s job, backup and failsafe technologies are extremely important. Lind Electronics focuses on that kind of technology, and some of its examples include:

1.       Vehicle power adapters – Lind Electronics’ power adapters are suited for a huge variety of devices and provide additional features beyond battery recharging. There is an adapter for nearly every notebook model on the market, from 80 to 200-watt models.

Each power adapter is built with maximum ruggedness, featuring an epoxy-sealed case that can be fabricated from ABS plastic or heavy-duty aluminum. The epoxy seal protects the adapter’s interior circuitry from shock, heat, and vibration, guaranteeing extended performance. And because the company utilizes the most efficient power conversion circuits available, its adapters generate reliably continuous power for connected devices.

Lind Electronics’ adapters come with additional features, as well. For example, every adapter can be built with short circuit protection, and defend the device from over-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current events. If current or temperature status reaches dangerous levels, the adapter shuts down automatically. And if there is a fault, the adapter resets automatically as well. Finally, Lind’s adapters are designed for minimal electromagnetic interference, which is essential for proper radio function.

The adapters can be used with both AC and DC power sources, and convert between the two.

2.       Shutdown timers – Lind’s shutdown timers are an important addition to police vehicle batteries, as the threat of over-discharge and unstable voltage is a constant one for law enforcement. As police and emergency vehicles rely on more electronics than ever before, defending the vehicle’s battery is a major priority.Lind Shutdown Timers

Lind Electronics’ shutdown timers do exactly that. While in operation, the shutdown timer defends the battery from over-discharge by shutting off up to 50 amp loads, either at a preset time following engine shutdown, or when the battery’s output level becomes too low. The company builds their timers with an emergency switch that, when triggered, allows for 12 minutes of equipment operation.

The timer operates completely autonomously, sensing the battery’s output constantly and reacting automatically when needed. It defends against both low voltage and high voltage scenarios and is reverse polarity protected. If needed, Lind Electronics can pair a timer with an alarm output if the ignition option is not used.

Every timer can be set to trigger after seconds or after hours have passed, and comes with a set of LED indicators to make for easy timer adjustment.

Lind Electronics also manufactures a line of laptop adapter timers, where the timer is built into the adapter itself. When the vehicle’s battery drops in output too much, the power to the laptop is shut down after a factory set time interval has passed. This preserves power for critical vehicle functions and makes for a more convenient alternative to the extensive wiring normally required for timer installation.

3.       Alternative powering methods – For those times when power is precious and at a premium, the company can provide a solution. Its solar charging system and battery backup modules are both ideal for delivering extra power when it is needed.

The solar charging system comes with a lightweight, portable solar panel, a charge and controller DC output module, and all the cabling needed to connect the panel to the module. The system will shut down automatically if the temperature or current climb to unsafe levels.Lind Solar Power Charging Kit

The battery backup module makes use of an external sealed lead acid battery to provide 12V DC power when source power drops too low. It relies on trickle charging to ensure the backup battery is always charged while being protected from over-discharge or overcharging. It is built in a rugged aluminum case and can be connected using jacks or the terminal block.

In the field, power is power. It’s essential for keeping the lights flashing, the sirens blaring, and the radios humming. It is, in short, the most important resource the vehicle relies on, which is what makes Lind Electronics’ battery charging, timer and backup systems so valuable to fleet managers. With them, law enforcement and first responder personnel know that they can rely on their vehicle’s equipment at all times.