Lund Industries

Lund Industries

Founded in 1965 and established in Anoka, Minnesota, Lund Industries is wholly dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing vehicle components for law enforcement, fire and emergency fleets. And that means all types of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, full size vans, light trucks and heavy trucks. Lund’s product portfolio is wide open and includes most of the public safety vehicle staples, like consoles, computer mounts, bumper systems, gun racks and trunk storage containers. Put it together, and Lund Industries can provide a comprehensive set of vehicle solutions for fleets of any size or composition.?

Lund’s products are made for Dodge, Ford, Chevy and Toyota vehicles, and are built using high strength aluminum and steel components. That makes for a vehicle that is much lighter and safer than one utilizing outdated components. The company has also made some significant innovations in how police vehicles operate, particularly in how other drivers perceive the vehicle. Lund Industries’ PASS (Police Audio-visual Safety System), for example, makes it much easier for other drivers to see and hear vehicle lights and sirens. With improved presence, it’s easier for police to influence traffic and carve a path while on the road.

Lund Industries’ Product Offerings For Police & Emergency Vehicles

Lund Industries PASS Push Bumper System

Lund Industries develops a variety of in-vehicle and vehicle exterior components, using manufacturing processes it has built up for more than 40 years. Its perfected manufacturing core means it can generate impressive production runs and emphasize modularity in its design, so Lund Industries’ products can be mixed and matched with ease. But as for the products themselves, here is a better look at them:


1.       The PASS bumper – The PASS bumper can be considered Lund’s flagship product, and represents the best of the company’s innovative efforts. The engineering is fairly simple, though ingenious.

When siren speakers are mounted to the front of a police vehicle, they are placed either in front of the grill or behind it. The difference in perceived volume to drivers in other vehicles is negligible in both cases. Usually, where the speaker is installed depends entirely on its design and manufacturer specifications.

The PASS bumper, though, throws this outdated model out and instead comes with the speakers mounted to the bumper’s upright. Not only does this place the speaker in a position where its output can propagate most easily, it also gives Lund Industries freedom with its speaker design. Whereas traditional siren speakers are short, the PASS bumper includes speakers that are longer and less constrained by manufacturer specifications. This last point is important, because speakers intended for installation behind the grill have to be fortified against thermal stresses. PASS speakers do not.

Also, because PASS speakers are not mounted to the grill, they can be oriented with ease. This allows Lund to set an optimal orientation for its PASS speakers and improve ground plane signal. Finally, with more space, police can outfit their vehicles with a pair of speakers instead of just one, boosting the strength of the signal at all angles.

The result is a siren speaker system that is much louder than traditional speaker options. The difference between grill-mounted speakers and the PASS system can be up to 20 decibels in some cases, depending on what angle and distance the sound is coming from. As decibels are measured on a logarithmic scale, a difference of 20 decibels means a 100-fold increase in the sound’s perceived strength.

And, of course, the PASS bumper is fully capable of handling LED lighting mounts as well, and comes pre-drilled with anchoring spots for those lights. That includes spots for front-facing, side-facing and corner LEDs.

Lund Industries emphasizes the safety gains that come with the PASS bumper, for good reason. By outputting more sound at every angle, the PASS bumper ensures police are heard from further away and motorists have time to respond appropriately.

2.      Lund Industries Gun Mounts, Racks & Storage Systems Weapon mounts, and particularly the LOFT – Lund Industries makes a collection of weapon mounting systems for police sedans and SUVs, but the LOFT is its most interesting and innovative standout. The LOFT is aimed at weapon mounting, but that’s not the only thing it can store. It’s designed for the Ford Utility and Chevy Tahoe.

What makes the LOFT so interesting is that it utilizes space that is wasted in every vehicle. That is, the unused space above the window line and up to the headliner, at the vehicle’s rear. When not in use, the LOFT folds up and produces an extremely low profile, so rear view vision is completely unobstructed. When activated, the LOFT folds down and reveals everything mounted to it. The LOFT-GV model is designed to hold AR-15 or M-4 rifles with collapsible stocks, but it is versatile enough to handle a greater range of weaponry. The LOFT-EC is suited for mounting electronics and comes with a removable tray for rapid access.

The LOFT comes in partition and non-partition mount designs, and can be upgraded with additional accessories. Those include a couple different gun locks, like a trap door lock or universal style lock. The LOFT can also be upgraded with the Lund Butt Cup Assembly or with LED lighting.

3.       Consoles and computer mounts – Lund Industries’ console and computer mounting solutions are a bit more mundane, in comparison to the PASS and LOFT, but they are still workhorses made from the same high strength aluminum. Each one is modular in design so they can be built into a custom solution that can meet a fleet manager’s particular needs. And with a black powder coat finish, Lund’s products are built to last.Lund Industries Computer & Pad Mounts For Vehicles

Lund’s unique additions to the police, fire and emergency vehicle space are cleverly designed and can offer that extra bit of efficiency or safety that fleet managers are always hunting for.