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Plastix Plus

Plastix Plus is a polymer specialist that has been running strong since 2000, becoming a trusted partner for most police, fire and emergency vehicle fleet managers. Based out of Houston, Texas, the company has grown rapidly since its founding, starting in a small backyard garage and working its way up to a facility that can handle an assortment of products. Since most of Plastix Plus’ staff has a history in public safety, it knows what kind of products fleet managers are looking for.

From its very beginning, Plastix Plus has solely focused on producing components using quality polymers, instead of wood, steel or aluminum. These aren’t flimsy plastics, either. These are high-density polyethylene components created using state of the art thermoplastic welding processes.

High performance polymers are one of the great unknowns among people who don’t work with them regularly. The assumption being that they cannot provide the same level of durability and functionality as metal, or even wood. But that’s largely a false assumption, as some high performance polymers are amazingly durable – even durable enough to serve inside of rocket engines or oil pipelines. If they can withstand applications that punishing, then they can definitely get the job done for fleet managers. It helps that polyethylene is naturally resistant to environmental hazards like rain, heat or cold. It also helps that polyethylene is much lighter than metal, giving it the fuel efficiency advantage that fleet managers look for.

Polymers are also endlessly workable, as they can be molded into a huge variety of shapes and sizes. This customizable production process means that Plastix Plus can generate custom solutions for their clients and ensure that every need is met. 

Plastix Plus’ Weapon Storage, Vehicle Consoles & Command Unit Storage


Plastix Plus Weapons Storage Systems For Police Vehicles

Plastix Plus mostly develops larger components for police and emergency vehicles, like storage cabinets, rifle mounts and consoles. Its products are designed for any environment and offer comparable strength to most metals, so they can store and secure equipment just as well. Here’s a better look at the products’ capabilities:

1.       Poly Vault weapons storage systems – This is what Plastix Plus is best known for among police and fire fleets. The Poly Vault is a total equipment and weapons storage system, each one designed to fit a particular vehicle model. Plastix Plus can also produce custom storage cabinets for its clients, allowing fleet managers to get maximum efficiency of space from their Poly Vaults.

Every Poly Vault is built to resist chemical attack and UV radiation. The polyethylene construction means the Poly Vault will not absorb liquids or odors. Finally, there is no risk at all of the Poly Vault warping, rotting, swelling or rusting. In short, it’s a durable piece of equipment. It is also constructed using thermoplastic welding and can be built to 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch thicknesses, adding, even more, security and durability to the cabinet.

Standard Poly Vault features include adjustable interior dividers for added organizational capabilities, a “no holes installation” design that makes for quick placement, molded sprung grab handles and an open top storage with tie-down holes. Additional storage drawers are also available on request.Plastix Plus Command Unit Storage Systems
Plastix Plus manufactures a Level III version of its Poly Vaults, approved by the ATF for use as an explosives container. It comes with keyless, push-button locks that are designed with deadbolts, 3/4-inch drawer fronts, ventilated drawers, and metal reinforcing inside the drawer fronts and along the top of the main vault. All exposed hardware is tamper-proof and the cabinet is extremely resistant to prying tools.
Since the Poly Vault is a weapons storage container, Plastix Plus welds an AR-15 post into every one to keep the rifle upright and in place.

2.       Rear cargo and command units – Plastix Plus’ cargo and command units are similar in construction to its Poly Vaults, but are primarily intended for gear and equipment storage. This makes Plastix Plus’ cargo and command cabinets an ideal choice for both police and fire personnel, as there is enough room to store everything needed for a command post.

Every cargo and command unit is built with the same durable polyethylene, using thermoplastic welding. They stand up to chemical, UV and liquid attacks, and will not rust, rot or warp.

Plastix Plus manufactures its cargo and command cabinets for several vehicle models, including Chevy Tahoes and Suburbans, Chevy Trailblazers, Ford Edges, Ford Expeditions and a range of Ford, Dodge and Chevy trucks.

3.      Plastix Plus Police Vehicle Center Consoles Chevy Tahoe and Suburban consoles – Plastix Plus’ capabilities with polyethylene extend to center consoles, particularly for 2007-2018 Chevy Tahoes and Suburbans.

Each console is made with 1/2-inch thick polyethylene and comes with a pair of cup holders and a small storage space. In a clever move, Plastix Plus also builds its consoles with a huge hidden storage area, capable of fitting eight 1-inch binders. And the manufacturer’s consoles can accommodate full-size sirens and radios.

There are pre-cut holes on the front passenger side for moving the 12v and 120v plugs, as well as holes in the faceplate for another 12v plug and USB port. All holes are standard, though they can be removed on request.

Plastix Plus is a standout manufacturer in the public safety sector for several reasons. It is one of the few brands that works singularly with high quality polymers, and it is one of the most respected storage solutions manufacturers in business. If a durable, highly usable and lightweight product is what the fleet needs, then give polyethylene and Plastix Plus a chance.