Prisoner Transport Systems, or PTS, is a trusted name in law enforcement. A division of Quality Plastics, Inc., PTS is a 35-year-old company based out of Reno, Nevada. Although PTS is on the younger side, it already has a powerhouse product under its belt – or seatbelt, to be more precise. PTS’s OS Belt System was introduced to the market in 2012 and has already changed the seatbelt game for law enforcement. Manufacturers that service the law enforcement field rely heavily on department feedback to ensure their products are effectively solving officer needs. PTS knows this, which is why it works closely with departments to get the most out of every one of its product designs. It’s just one reason why PTS is among the most respected transport system providers in the industry.

PTS boasts a strong manufacturing core as well, with all of its products made and put together in America. It helps to be backed by a facility like the one that Quality Plastics has in operation. It’s a 25,000-square foot, state-of-the-art factory that can do it all, including custom machining, laser cutting, and vacuum forming. Advanced processes like these are needed to make advanced products, and PTS has everything it needs to create some of the best transport products in the industry.

PTS’s Seatbelt Systems, Prison Transport Seating & Partitions

PTS specializes in all things prisoner transport, including seatbelt systems, seats, partitions and cargo solutions. The company is best known for its OS Belt System, but that is far from the only product it carries. Here’s a quick look at what the company offers law enforcement:

1.       Prisoner Safety Belt System By PTSOS Belt System – This is the starting point for PTS, as many of its other products are designed to pair with the OS. The OS is an ingenious seatbelt system in that both the buckle and tongue are located on the door side of the vehicle. When not in use, the buckle is attached to a tongue mounted to the side of the vehicle partition, so when it is needed, it can be removed quickly and threaded on the seat tongue, securing the prisoner. With the OS, officers never need to reach across the prisoner and expose themselves to a violent attack. It takes a couple seconds to operate the belt and the officer can do so while standing next to the vehicle at all times. It’s the safest prisoner belting system on the market, for both officer and prisoner.  This high level of safety is furthered by the OS’s pair of sensitive retractors, both of which adapt to the angle of the vehicle and its forward momentum to ensure smooth operation.

It is also vigorously tested, at both the torso and the lap. PTS utilizes third-party testing and finite element analysis to ensure the safest product possible. In fact, the OS more than doubles the standards established by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 210, making it one of the most reliable belting systems available.

2.     PTS Vehicle Rear Partition   HX02 rear partition – The HX02 includes the OS Belt System and adds some extra features. The HX02 is designed to make the rear of the vehicle as functional as possible and can be finished with a steel or polycarbonate partition screen. The HX02 is about maximizing space and is built with a streamlined design so that officers can get every last square inch out of their rear cargo hold. Further, the HX02 allows officers to store important and sensitive electronics behind any OEM seat, adding, even more, cargo space to the vehicle. The HX02, using the OS Belt System, can even transport children safely, with child safety anchors.

Installation is painless and departments can choose to keep OEM seating if they prefer, reducing installation costs.

3.       Transport seating – In addition to belting and partition products, PTS provides a range of transport seating solutions. Each one is designed for a particular vehicle model, and PTS offers five seating options, including solutions for the Dodge Charger, the Ford Police Interceptor, the Ford Interceptor Utility, the Chevy Caprice, and the Chevy Tahoe.

Prisoner Transport SeatingEach seating model is designed to the vehicle’s exact geometry, so they fit perfectly every time. This exact geometry fit is ideal for ensuring that the vehicle’s entire rear passenger compartment is utilized. With maximum space efficiency, officers can fit prisoners of nearly any size into the vehicle with little trouble. And once in the back, prisoners have no space to hide any contraband they may still have on them.

Cleanliness is an often-overlooked element of transport seating, but an important one nonetheless. A lot goes on in the back seat of a patrol vehicle, and much of it not entirely pleasant. PTS seating is made with antimicrobial materials that discourage pathogenic growth and eliminate foul odors. The seating is also easily cleaned, so PTS seating is safe in more ways than one.

Some of PTS’s transport seating can also be paired with its imposing PX42 combination screen system. The PX42 offers the same level of safety, comfort and contraband control that other PTS systems offer, but also offers both steel and polycarbonate screens. This is ideal for departments that need the best protection possible. And it doesn’t stop there. The PX42 also comes with fortified PTS door panels, floor pans, and window guards. It’s a total seating and security solution.

PTS is respected by law enforcement agencies across the country and is well-known for the high-quality and functionality of its products. With PTS seating and partition solutions, prisoners can be handled and moved with ease and with peace of mind.