Pro-gard is one of the most accomplished names in law enforcement safety, security and organization solutions. Its products can turn fleet vehicles into veritable moving fortresses, with additional protection for anyone and anything inside. Pro-gard has been at it for decades, with a history that dates back to 1968. It’s a well-worn story, the company that got its start with a single, very much in demand product. In this case, it was Pro-gard’s Prisoner Transport Partition, a product line that the company still places at the front and center of its manufacturing efforts. However, it has added a number of impressive items to its portfolio over its near 50 year time as an industry leader.Pro Gard Vehicle Cargo Box 

During the 70s, Pro-gard was purchased by a local plastics fabricator, and this relationship remains in place. With immediate access to superior raw materials and an advanced plastic working shop, Pro-gard is able to maintain tight controls on product quality and design. And with its manufacturing facilities located in Noblesville, Indiana, Pro-gard’s products are 100 percent American made. When it concerns the safety of first responders, there is no room for compromise. Unsurprisingly, that is Pro-gard’s stated mission.

Pro-gard’s Product Offerings

Pro-gard has a diverse array of solutions, and though its partitions are what put it on the map, it has plenty of options for electronic security, vehicle exterior protection, gun racks, and cargo solutions as well. Some of its standout products include:

1.    Pro Gard Prisoner Transport System   Viper Shield Enhanced Prisoner Transport Partitions – Pro-gard has a handful of partition designs in its arsenal, but this one offers a level of utility not found elsewhere. It has the excellent durability that fleet managers would expect. The partition is manufactured from 14-gauge steel, scratch resistant polycarbonate panels, high-density foam padding, and an anodized aluminum window frame. With all of that, even the most aggressive prisoner will be no match for the partition. It comes with nine window placement options to ensure agencies can find a match and optional vertical or horizontal weapon mounts. There’s a lot of room for customization here.

What makes the Viper Shield Partition particularly interesting is the portable ballistic shield it comes with. This is the Viper Shield in the Viper Shield Partition system. The shield weighs only 8.5 pounds and can be strapped to a single arm so the officer has another arm free. It also has a transparent, ballistic viewport so it can be held up to the officer’s face, and protect vital areas. It’s an impressive layer of protection, as the shield meets NIJ IIIa protection standards, stopping up to a .44 magnum round. And with the partition’s built-in quick latch, an officer can deploy the shield in seconds. It’s a convenient and effective extra layer of protection for those rough beats.

2.       Electronic protection – Pro-gard offers a pair of electronic protection products. The first is an airbag on/off switch, which can be tied to passenger-side airbags or curtain airbags. People outside of law enforcement may not see the reason for an airbag on/off switch, but it can be a lifesaver. With one, officers can switch off airbags, not in use and utilize the extra space for electronics and gear. Normally, doing so would represent a major safety hazard in the vehicle, but Pro-gard's switch makes it easy to repurpose vehicle space. It comes with a clear indicator light that shines when activated and can work with single and double stage airbags.

Pro-gard also provides vehicle anti-theft systems that engage as soon as the key is removed from the ignition. And Pro-gard’s anti-theft doesn’t draw excess power and permits function of all vehicle electronics, including surveillance equipment. Once the ignition key is removed, the system is engaged, locking the doors, the trunk and any electronic gun racks. The racks engage eight seconds after the key is removed, so officers have plenty of time to access their weapons. Pro-gard’s system is also built with always-on functionality, which means it remains engaged even when the vehicle is parked and out of service.

3.     Pro-Gard Partition Mounted Gun Rack   Tri-Lock Partition Mount Gun Rack – Pro-gard also provides a range of gun rack options, but its Tri-Lock Partition Mount is its most popular. Situated between driver and passenger, and mounted to the partition, it keeps the weapons readily available for those times when immediate access is needed, and out of the way otherwise.

Like the name suggests, the Tri-Lock can secure up to three weapons at once, with space for a pair of long guns and a handgun. The rack is custom fit so that it can be used with any combination of weapons and weapon accessories, and can be configured for straight, handcuff or vend style locking. And the Tri-Lock is built with Pro-gard’s eight-second timer, which gives officers ample time to access the weapon before it locks down again.

4.       Cargo Cabinets – Pro-gard is one of many manufacturers to offer their own take on the police cargo cabinet. Its large cargo cabinets are built for SUVs and come with a Pro-gard electronic gun rack and several drawers for storing paper files and gear. Pro-gard cabinets are built with MDO plywood and covered with ABS for superior protection against sun and water.

5.       Pro Gard Push BumperVehicle exterior protection – Pro-gard’s selection of vehicle exterior protection products includes fender wraps, push bumpers, skid plates, window guards, and ballistic door panels. The company’s ballistic panels are cut to fit particular model doors and offer lockdown IIIA protection.  

Pro-gard puts the “pro” in protection. Its superior product design means a longer lasting, more secure and more effective solution.