RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts

RAM Mounts has been producing some of the highest quality device mounts since 1992, when it first introduced its “Round-A-Mount” to the market, making them a valuable ally for law enforcement and first responders. Keen observers will notice that RAM stands for Round-A-Mount. It’s been 25 years since the company unveiled that product, but it has remained at the top of the heap because it continues to invest in its manufacturing and design processes. With its impressive production core, RAM Mounts can provide device mounting solutions for most police fleets, and do so at a level that few others can match.

RAM Mount’s manufacturing processes and capabilities are impressive. It was among the first, if not the very first, to design a ball and socket mount using an elastomeric rubber ball. That makes for a more durable product that offers a greater degree of vibration and shock resistance.

National Products Inc. is the parent company for RAM Mounts, and it is a true industry leader. Its design and manufacturing facilities in Seattle are capable of a huge range of processes, starting with full product design and development. With total design and development capabilities, RAM Mounts can assist its clients with a custom solution for their particular needs. This design prowess is underpinned by a comprehensive 3D CAD and prototyping core, which includes direct metal casting prototyping, mold design and production, laser cutting, electrical engineering, shake and vibratory testing and stamping.

RAM Mounts’ powder coating facility is cutting edge and fully automated, so every product is coated the same way, every time. And because it is located adjacent to the die cast area, the company can manufacture and powder coat products in under 24 hours, allowing for accelerated turnaround rates. And as for its aluminum die cast facility, it can work with extremely intricate molds, including those with up to 24 cavities. RAM Mounts can also perform composite and rubber injection molding, using a 2-color co-injection machine designed for running high production runs at an efficient pace. And it, like RAM Mounts’ powder coating operations, is fully automated, so human error is not a concern.

Clearly RAM Mounts has an impressive arsenal of production technologies at its disposal, but what can it do with those technologies?

RAM Mounts ProductsInclude Vehicle Consoles & Laptop Vehicle Mounting Solutions

Ram Vehicle Laptop Mounting SolutionsRAM Mounts exclusively produces device mounts and consoles for police, fire and emergency vehicles. Its mounts are designed for particular vehicle models so they are built with efficiency of space and function in mind. Here’s what each product family brings to the fleet:

1.       Mounting equipment – RAM’s mounts are intended for use with laptops, and can accommodate laptops between 10 and 16 inches wide (though they can also handle laptops with 17-inch wide screens). The mounting tray is built with four adjustable retaining arms, each with a rubber grip for maximum safety. The arms can be set vertically and horizontally, which means the mount can handle a variety of laptop form factors.

Attached to the tray is a pair of articulating swing arms, which provide up to 12 inches of reach for both driver and passenger access. The arms lock into a telescoping feature that can bet set between 12 and 18 inches. No drilling is needed to install the mount, as it utilizes existing passenger side seat rails for placement.

RAM mounts are built with high strength composite materials and powder coated steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The company’s patented rubber ball and socket joint is the star here, as it improves adjustment capabilities as well as shock and vibration isolation.

Modularity is a design focus here, so there is plenty of room for additional accessorizing. A popular choice is the Secure-N-Motion kit, which replaces the factory restraining arms with a set that are adjusted using a keyed locking knob. When the knob is unlocked, it adjusts the arms like normal. When it is locked, the knob free spins without moving the arms, which are kept in place. This doubles as an anti-theft measure and safety measure, as the laptop isn’t going anywhere.

Other accessories include a screen support arm, which keeps the laptop screen from jolting around during a sudden stop or when on rough terrain. The power supply caddy provides a spot where a removable hard drive or external power source can be kept, as well as a place for wiring. The Tough-Hub attaches to the side of the mount and provides an additional five USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet port for improved connectivity. Finally, the Universal X-Grip is a small secondary mount that attaches to the primary mount, and is designed to hold a smartphone or notepad.Ram Mounts Vehicle Consoles For Police & Emergency Vehicles

2.       Consoles – RAM Mounts’ Tough-Box line of center consoles are an optimal mix of ergonomics and functionality. Each one is built with molded, rounded edges that enhance the console’s strength and user comfort. With nine inches of baseplate space and nine inches of angled plate space, there is plenty of room for mounting accessories like cup holders and controllers for sirens and lights.

At the top of the console box is a pair of mounting spots for RAM laptop mounts, and each console is built with a variety of knockout patterns so that fleet managers can accommodate any device they need to. RAM consoles can even be cut to reduce size, if the additional mounting space is not required.

RAM Mounts has staked its reputation on its superior engineering and smart designs. If durability, usability and extensive functionality are priorities, then RAM products are a natural fit.