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Ranch Hand

Ranch Hand installed its first grille guard on the front of a truck in 1986, and ever since, it has been a respected manufacturer when it comes to vehicle protection, making it a favorite among police fleet managers. Ranch Hand is solely focused on the production of front and back-end vehicle protection systems. The company’s beginnings were in the civilian truck market, but its grille guards and bumpers are strong enough and durable enough for use with law enforcement and first responder vehicles as well.

Ranch Hand is one of a family of businesses under the Kaspar Companies brand. Kaspar was formed in 1898 and has maintained operations in Texas through five generations, a pair of world wars, and all manner of economic and political upheaval. As a member of Kaspar, Ranch Hand has a secure position in the market and can provide its clients with long-term, stable support.

South Texas is home to Ranch Hand’s manufacturing facilities and offices, and true to their rugged roots, the company still operates out of two tiny towns in the state – Beeville and Shiner. Together, those two towns have a combined population of about 15,000, so Ranch Hand is a major presence in the area. But as small as its hometowns are, Ranch Hand runs some impressively large facilities, spanning close to 320,000 square feet in size. With more than 200 employees processing 40,000 pounds of steel every day, Ranch Hand needs every single square foot it can get.  

Ranch Hand’s Truck Bumpers
Ranch Hand Legend Front Bumpers

Ranch Hand is solely about outfitting trucks and SUVs with additional vehicle protection. Its products are designed for both civilian and public safety vehicles, and especially for vehicles that operate in rough terrain. As such, agencies based out of remote areas should strongly consider outfitting their fleet with Ranch Hand grilles and bumpers, as they can offer much-needed protection against the hazards that rural police are more likely to encounter, like deer hits.

Here’s a better look at Ranch Hand’s vehicle protection products:

1.       Legend Grille Guards – The Legend is what started it all for Ranch Hand, and it has been iterated on and perfected over the decades. What’s immediately clear with the Legend is that it is built for maximum defense. Each grille is one piece of welded steel and mounted to the vehicle’s frame in four spots, so it’s not going anywhere. That multipoint mounting means the grille will remain in place in the event of a collision and will not vibrate during normal operation of the vehicle. In other words, a longer lasting piece of hardware. With 12 gauge steel tubing framing the grille, along with 5/16-inch uprights, it covers the bases in terms of strength and reliability.

An interesting feature not found with most other grille guards and push bumpers is Ranch Hand’s willingness to punch out a custom pattern, matching the vehicle’s grille pattern underneath and improving aesthetics.

2.       Grille Guard Front Bumpers – Ranch Hand’s Grille Guard front bumpers take the standard grille guard and kick it up to another level. Each one replaces the factory bumpers with a solid piece of steel and diamond-plate body, turning the front of the vehicle into a near-impervious shield.

Ranch Hand offers three versions of its Grille Guard front bumpers – the Legend, the Sport and the Summit. The Summit is designed for half-ton trucks while the Legend and Sport are made for 3/4-ton trucks. The Sport should be of particular interest to agencies in rural and remote areas, as it comes winch-ready and retains tow hooks even after bumper installation. A winch-ready steel bumper also makes sense for rescue vehicles expected to encounter dangerous field conditions.Ranch Hand Bull Nose Bumper

Along with grille and bumper defense, all three models are also built with wing wraps to extend that steely protection to the headlights and vehicle corners. It’s the total package when it comes to defense.

3.       Bullnose Front Bumpers – When a full grille guard isn’t needed or isn’t appropriate for a fleet vehicle, fleet managers can still get some much-needed protection by opting for Ranch Hand’s bullnose bumpers instead. Each bullnose is intended for installation over the existing factory bumper and is made from solid steel, which is a major step up in defense over a standard factory piece. In addition to bumper defense, Ranch Hand’s bullnose options come with 12 gauge steel tubing that extends protection to the vehicle’s grille. It’s the same thick and sturdy tubing built into Ranch Hand’s other grille protection products.

The company’s bullnose bumpers come in four versions, including the Legend, the Sport, the Summit and the Horizon. The Summit and Horizon are for use with half-ton trucks while the Sport and Legend are for 3/4-ton trucks. All four models retain tow hooks, fog lights and come with a standard 2-inch receiver, so the vehicle’s appearance and function are retained.

The Sport is winch-ready, which again, makes it the go-to choice for rescue and rural police vehicles.

4.       Back Bumpers – Ranch Hand is one of the few manufacturers that can boost rear vehicle protection as well. The company’s back bumpers allow for extensive towing, with up to 10,000-pound towing capacity with a 1,000-pound tongue. Side steps are built into some back bumper models, as are LED lights, improving safety. The installation process will not compromise any of the vehicle’s reverse sensors.Ranch Hand Rear Bumper

It goes without saying that Ranch Hand’s rear bumpers are made with the same singular focus on protection, with a sturdy steel build that can take a punch.

With more than 30 years of experience in developing, building and installing vehicle protection systems, Ranch Hand has risen to the top of the industry. Its uncompromising approach to vehicle defense is laudable and something that fleet managers can, and should, take full advantage of.