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Ray Allen

Ray Allen Manufacturing is considered by many agencies to be the world leader in police, military and tactical K9 equipment, and given its long history in the industry, it would be tough to argue otherwise. The company dates back more than 60 years and has long been relied on to outfit police K9 units with everything from training equipment to K9 handling products and transport systems. In short, if it’s something that a tactical K9 unit can use, it’s something that Ray Allen Manufacturing can provide.

Ray Allen K9 Transport Systems

Colorado cowboy Ray Allen formed the business in the early 1950s when the U.S. Army requested assistance from Allen in locating and supplying basic K9 supplies. Before long, the company built professional relationships with police departments and expanded its product offerings. As the years passed, Ray Allen’s modest business grew until in 1990, it was the undisputed leader in K9 equipment and supplies. That same year, the elder Allen would pass away, but 17 years later, it is still going strong and still considers itself a family business, with many people who have been with the company for 20 or more years.

In addition to its status as a world leader in K9 equipment, Ray Allen Manufacturing also donates products to the National United States Police Canine Association or USPCA. Its work with the USPCA is a major boost to the association’s efforts in improving police training and outfitting methods nationally.


Ray Allen’s K9 Product Offerings

Ray Allen Manufacturing is the master of all things tactical K9, and most of its products are intended for use with police, military or rescue dogs. Only a portion of its products are intended for use in fleet vehicles, like its transport, temperature monitoring, kenneling, first aid and canine safety equipment. It’s not the longest catalog in the world, but it’s among the most respected. Some of those highly respected products include:

1.       K9 Transport Systems – Ray Allen Manufacturing has a full set of transport inserts and accessories intended for use with canines. Its transport inserts are designed for use with most police vehicle models and are made with maximum K9 protection and comfort in mind.

Because inserts are designed with particular models in mind, they produce a perfect fit every time. Each one is manufactured using heavy-duty aluminum and double walled construction. The front sliding door is produced with a stainless steel latching system for easy and fast opening and closing, and the rear panel is made with 1-inch diameter holes for superior vision. Finally, each insert is completed with a black powder finish and a 1/2-inch nonslip rubber floor mat. Ray Allen Manufacturing’s inserts can also be fitted with fans for added ventilation as well.Ray Allen K9 Temperature Monitoring & Bail Out Systems

2.       Temperature Monitoring and Bailout Systems – K9 cops are especially vulnerable to overheating, so their condition must be monitored at all times. Ray Allen Manufacturing’s temperature monitoring systems are ideal for this purpose.

Temperature sensors relay data to a panel installed in the front of the vehicle. From this panel, users can set a threshold temperature, and when the rear sensors read a temperature higher than this threshold, it sounds multiple alarms and activates emergency mount fans if they have been installed. The monitoring system can also be configured to drop windows in the event of high temperature and continues working even when one sensor fails (though the panel alerts the user to sensor failure should it occur). The panel is designed with an adjustable backlight for optimal optics and an articulating mount for easy installation and use.

When paired with a bailout system, users can quickly deploy their K9 partner, whether to protect them from a fire or heat event or just to quickly release them into the field. The bailout system allows for one button push functionality, unlocking and unlatching the door, pushing it open and holding it open with a 50lb gas push rod. Accidental deployments aren’t a concern, as it comes with a recessed leather holster to protect against unintentional button presses.

3.       K9 Kenneling Systems – Although canine cops normally travel in their transport inserts, there may come a time when something a bit more portable is needed. Ray Allen Manufacturing’s kennel options are made from composite material and with 3/8-inch metal bars, each welded with a crossbar for improved stability. Composite corners improve defense against impact and also allow for kennel stacking.Ray Allen K9 Transport Kenneling Systems

And like with the transport inserts, Ray Allen Manufacturing’s kennels are designed with large vent holes for improved ventilation. For more anxious canines, kennels can be designed with square vents to create illusion of direct line of sight, reducing canine stress. And the latch automatically engages when the door is closed, so canines stay put.

4.       First Aid and K9 Protection – Ideally, a first aid kit never needs to be employed, but in the unfortunate event one is needed, it is critical that one is on hand. Ray Allen Manufacturing’s first aid kits come with basic first aid supplies like foot pad cream and cooling vests to prevent overheating. Optional additions include a trauma kit for serious injuries and an overdose kit to treat potential poisoning.

Injury prevention is key and keeping that first aid kit fully stocked with products like cooling harnesses, eye protection, boots and ballistic armor defend against all manner of hazard and attack.