Santa Cruz Gunlocks

Santa Cruz Gunlocks

Santa Cruz Gunlocks is a company built on innovation and is a trusted name in law enforcement circles. The company has been in operation for more than 30 years, and in that time, it has made several additions to the standard gun lock, some of which have been adopted by the industry at large. That’s an impressive accomplishment, as the gun lock industry is one that has long been reluctant to make changes. The first shotgun lock, after all, was created in the early 1930s and was nearly unchanged for more than 50 years. A lot has changed since then, though, and Santa Cruz is a major reason why.Santa Cruz SC1 Gunlocks For Vehicle Gun Racks 

Santa Cruz Gunlocks’ products are primarily designed for law enforcement personnel and can accommodate an impressive amount of weaponry. Versatility, usability and security are the priorities here, and there is a solution for virtually every law enforcement vehicle in existence. That is mostly due to the company’s unwavering commitment to responding to police needs. In 1988, the company added a manual key override to the classic lock design, which allowed for weapon access even in the event of power loss. Shortly after, Santa Cruz Gunlocks’ camlock design was mimicked by the entire industry, because it is reliable and works with almost all shotgun models.

By 1990, Santa Cruz was receiving a constant torrent of requests from police agencies, all of them requesting a bigger and more versatile lock for additional firearms. Santa Cruz answered the call, producing its highly touted SC-1 series of gun locks. Immediately after, the manufacturer developed a barrel lock variation of the SC-1, which is preferred for its ability to handle just about any shotgun or rifle.

The company’s chief innovation came in the form of its SC-6 gun locks. The SC-6 was invented during a search for a more efficient lock – one that could secure multiple firearms and firearms of all shapes and sizes. Since the creation of the SC-6, many of its features have been adopted throughout the industry.

Like many manufacturers that service law enforcement, Santa Cruz can develop custom solutions for a fleet, meeting their particular needs in terms of firearm security and accessibility. 

Santa Cruz Gunlocks’ Product Offerings

Santa Cruz is singularly focused on the design and manufacturing of gun mounting and security solutions. Its products have been adopted by fleets all over the country for decades, and its mounting products can be adapted for use in any police vehicle make and model. Part of that is due to placement flexibility, as the company’s locks can be mounted to partitions, inside the trunk, overhead inside the vehicle, to the vehicle’s floor or to a wall. Mounting points vary as well, as the company’s locks can grab the barrel or the butt of the gun, and is supported by a mounting plate.

The company manufactures a range of firearm mounting solutions, some of them including:

Santa Cruz SC6 Universal Gun Lock For Weapons Mounts

1.       The SC-1 series of gun locks – The SC-1 has long been a Santa Cruz staple, as it is versatile enough to fit most shotguns and rifles. The SC-1 comes with a barrel lock option, which means it grabs the barrel of the gun instead of the butt. Barrel locks are ideal for agencies that use a variety of shotguns or rifles, as they tend to be similar in size. As such, a barrel lock can accommodate an array of shotgun and rifle models.

The SC-1 is built as a solid aluminum block, which offers a perfect medium of impact and corrosion resistance. It is finished with a black powder finish that provides another layer of corrosion protection. The SC-1 is secured to a mounting surface with a screw inside the weapon cavity. The weapon is held inside of a round cavity that is padded to protect the weapon from abrasion.

The SC-1 comes in a few varieties, but all are built with interchangeable parts to maximize usability between applications. All come with a manual key override option and are built to last. Santa Cruz touts that the lock will often outlive the weapon itself.

2.    ?   The SC-6 universal gun lock – The SC-6 is the pinnacle of the company’s innovating efforts, and offers an incredible degree of versatility. The SC-6 is built to accommodate a huge range of shotguns and rifles, all using the same lock.

The lock functions using a meaty stainless steel arm, which ratchets down to fit any weapon barrel and holds it in place using a strongbox. That strongbox, once engaged, is not going to let anything go, as it contains a set of stainless steel plates and rivets. The SC-6, in addition to fitting any firearm barrel, also slides and locks in any position on the company’s mounting bars, so law enforcement personnel have a ton of options in arranging their weaponry. But even with all that security and usability, the only thing each weapon contacts is soft rubber.Santa Cruz SC900 Series Gun Locks

3.       The SC-900 series of gun locks – Santa Cruz also produces dozens of gun locks for particular rifles and shotguns. The SC-900 series can be used to mount one or two weapons, and are built with mounting hinges that allow for fine angular adjustments of any mounted weapon. They can also be used to provide additional clearance for the weapon, for firearms that are paired with enhanced optics.

Santa Cruz Gunlocks is a mainstay in the weapon mounting industry, and with its extended history of innovating and improving the tried and true gun lock, it is the go-to expert in the field.