Setina Police InterceptorSetina has a long history of engineering excellence and engineering excellence that has almost singularly benefited law enforcement personnel. The company has been in operation since 1962, founded by John Setina after an impressive 17-year career as a vehicle repair specialist with the Washington State Patrol. Prior to joining the Washington patrol, he owned his own body repair shop. It’s fair to say that Setina had plenty of experience by the time he started his eponymous company.

During his time with the Washington patrol, Setina realized a need for additional safety mechanisms designed for officers. Specifically, he realized that officers needed more protection when transporting prisoners and during vehicle accidents. With this in mind, he set out to provide that protection by developing the first police vehicle partition to receive a patent.

Setina is still a family run business and is proud that all of its products are U.S. made. Because Setina relies heavily on its engineering, it maintains a highly advanced manufacturing and development facility for its products. This includes CNC machinery for added manufacturing speed, metal preparation devices, and powder coating systems for better product durability. Everything needed to create the best transport, body, and cargo solutions are onsite.

That’s particularly important for Setina, as it currently offers a deep portfolio of products, ranging from transport seating to door guards, from skid plates to K-9 systems. For many departments, Setina products offer a one-stop shop for all of their vehicle upfitting needs.

Setina’s Product Offerings

With so many Setina products to mention, it’s tough to pick out one or two. Instead, here is an overview of all of its product categories:

1.       Police Vehicle PartitionPartitions – Partitions are what put Setina on the map, to begin with, so it’s no surprise that the company still places a major emphasis on its partition products. Setina partitions are designed to be anchored to the strongest points inside the vehicle, so they will not budge under any circumstance. The partitions are outfitted with side curtain airbags that are laboratory tested for effectiveness and are designed to flex away from the partition so that they don’t compromise the structure.

Setina partitions are also designed in a way that maximizes interior space. Leg comfort might not be a concern for transported prisoners, but the added space does make it easier to help passengers from the vehicle. Finally, each partition is finished with extremely durable LEXAN polycarbonate. The LEXAN is backed with a 10-year warranty against most types of failure and is 100 percent transparent, providing an optimal combination of visibility and protection.

2.       Push bumpers – Setina push bumpers are installed on the front of the vehicle to protect it from collision damage, and to protect the passengers inside. Setina bumpers are quick and easy to install and are paired with automaker and OEM approved finishes for excellent durability.

Setina Push Bumper Setina push bumpers are designed and field tested to wring every last bit of durability out of the product. They are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which provides impressive strength and a 40 percent weight reduction, compared to steel. This weight reduction ensures the bumper satisfies any automaker concerns regarding vehicle weight and keeps front end fatigue to a minimum.

The bumper can even be fitted with LED perimeter lighting to enhance visibility. The LEDs are built with an ultra-compact design that keeps them safe from damage and ensures easy wiring.

3.       Cargo solutions – Setina offers cargo solutions for both SUV and sedan model vehicles. Setina cargo boxes are also made of high strength aluminum and are made for maximum compatibility with various vehicle models, so no drilling is required during installation, no matter what model the department prefers. The cargo box slides out on heavy-duty tracks and provides storage space for a pair of firearms and accompanying ammunition. Additional storage drawers are also standard, allowing for tool and small item storage. Setina cargo boxes do not interfere with attempts to access the spare tire well.

4.       Transport seating – Setina prisoner transport seating is built to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 207 and 210 specifications. The Smartbelt electronic belting system is designed to minimize contact with the passenger and locks automatically. It can be placed in a retract-only mode to limit prisoner movement further and the Smartbelt remains in lock mode even if the vehicle loses power. To top it off, the Smartbelt also comes with a warning light that fires if the seatbelt unbuckles.

Setina seating is made from thermoplastic polyolefin, which is the highest grade polymer available to the industry. It is extremely resistant to shatter, flame and chemical attack, exceeding NHSTA regulations with ease.

5.    Setina Door & Window Guards   Door and window guards – Setina’s door and window guards are also made from thermoplastic polyolefin, which for all intents and purposes, is indestructible. Better still, Setina guards are designed to be fitted over existing door panels, so they don’t have to be removed and stored. This protects the vehicle’s resale value as well.

6.       Skid plates – Setina skid and deflector plates protect the vehicle’s undercarriage from damage and are available for Ford Interceptor, Charger Pursuit, and Chevy Caprice PPV vehicle models. They are made from durable aluminum and can be installed with no drilling necessary. A simple addition that minimizes repair and maintenance costs.

7.       K-9 solutions – Setina even provides comfortable and practical transport for canine cops. Its canine transport solutions offer dual exits for the canine – one on each side of the vehicle. The kennel is made from high strength aluminum with ventilation slots and a thick non-skid rubber floor to ensure maximum canine comfort. Setina K-9 transport options can also be paired with door and window guards for a total transport solution.

When it comes to police vehicle interiors, Setina has thought of everything. For a company with Setina’s history and sustained excellence, that’s to be expected.