Stalker is considered by many in law enforcement to be the first name in police radar. Stalker is a member of the Applied Concepts brand, which was established in 1977. Twelve years later, in 1989, Applied Concepts produced its first Stalker police radar, the start of what would become the world’s leader in law enforcement speed radars. Stalker products are respected the world over for their excellent accuracy, top-notch usability, solid durability, and impressive feature set. The company operates out of Plano, Texas, so it is a local brand through and through. But perhaps the most compelling aspect of Stalker is its “brain” trust, which has been a part of nearly every police radar innovation in the last 50 years.

Stalker team members were involved in the creation of the first solid-state police radar, the first moving traffic radar, the first K-Band radar, the first cordless radar, the first long-range radar, the first digital antenna radar, the first radar that could sense directional movement and the first radar that could monitor multiple moving and stationary zones. That is an exhaustive list of accomplishments for Stalker’s staff and indicates the kind of expertise that law enforcement can count on.

Although Stalker has recently moved into the body camera market, they are first and foremost a speed radar design and manufacturing company. Their radars are utilized by departments to track traffic speeds and spot speeding offenses as they happen. And with their advanced level of technical sophistication, Stalker radars can do much more than the average radar, including connecting to other devices through Bluetooth.

Stalker’s Police Radar Equipment Offerings

Stalker’s product portfolio is filled with top sellers, so it’s tough to pick out a flagship product or two, but these are representative of what Stalker brings to law enforcement:

1.      Cruiser Mounted Stalker Police Radar Stalker 2X – The Stalker 2X was first introduced to the market in 2003 and has undergone several iterations since, ensuring it remains at the forefront of radar technology. It is one of the most popular speed radars in the world, primarily for its ability to monitor several zones at once, whether moving or stationary.

The Stalker 2X is easily mounted inside the vehicle, as it measures at a compact 5.5”, 1.75” and 4.25” build. From its position, it can monitor two zones from a single antenna, even if those zones are front same and rear opposite. It utilizes advanced Doppler technology that pings the target’s actual speed and not their closing speed, so officers can patrol like normal without sacrificing speed radar accuracy.

The Stalker 2X display is exaggerated and color coded for easy readout parsing and is built with an RS-232 port that can connect with most cameras, computers and printers. Once a target is locked, the Stalker 2X can track it through the display while monitoring other zones, allowing for maximum coverage.

A constant frustration in radar usage is dealing with same direction traffic. This has a tendency to foil standard radar operation, but it isn’t a problem with the Stalker 2X. Because the 2X operates with a pair of antennas, it can sense direction and changes in direction to come up with accurate readings for same direction traffic. And this model comes with superior target acquisition technology, which can quickly acquire a target and ignore vehicles that are moving in the opposite direction of the target, even if that traffic is closer to the radar than the target.

The Stalker 2X is designed with vehicle speed sensing technology as well, which can protect the officer when they attempt to merge into traffic from a still position. The VSS picks out traffic that is rapidly overtaking the officer and sounds an alarm tone if a collision is likely.

Of course, Stalker products are engineered with superior durability, and the 2X’s Ka-Band antennas are O-ring sealed, so they can be exterior mounted with little concern for punishing environments.

2.     Stalker Hand Held Police Radar Gun  R-Series Lidar products – The R-Series is Stalker’s newest handheld collection of speed radars, made with excellent durability and portability. It weighs in at a mere 2.3 pounds when the battery is in place. That battery can last 2-3 shifts, so keeping it charged isn’t an issue.  

The R-Series comes with C-Thru technology, which alleviates the ever-present frustration of losing a target as it passes behind an obstacle. With the C-Thru feature, the R-Series can maintain target locking and tracking even if the target passes behind a tree, fence, or other obstacles. This is convenient enough, but also affords personnel with additional positioning opportunities, as they can position themselves behind an obstacle without losing speed tracking capabilities. This technology also allows personnel to fire the radar through windshields without loss of accuracy.

In special zones, such as school zones, the operator can define the zone area so that speeds are only tracked when targets enter the zone. This prevents any confusion when picking up targets in reduced speed areas.

Bluetooth compatibility is standard with the R-Series, and with it, personnel can link their radar to other peripherals, like printers, speed display signs or laptops for data logging.

Handheld speed radars are nothing without durability, and Stalker doesn’t compromise here, either. The R-Series is built to IP67 standards, which means it is completely protected from both dust and water intrusion. In other words, it is dust and watertight, so it can be operated in inclement weather or close to construction zones with no risk to the equipment.

Stalker is the first name in police radar systems, and with decades of experience in the field, they have perfected the art of monitoring traffic speeds.