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Stop Stick

Stop Stick is the world’s leading provider of tire deflation products, and because of that, it is an extremely valuable partner to the law enforcement field. And when Stop Stick claims to be the number one manufacturer in the tire deflation space, they have plenty of data to back that up. For example, in the past 20 years, Stop Stick devices have stopped more than 25,000 pursuits, and that number is climbing all the time. In fact, Stop Stick keeps a running tally on its website, as well as dates and locations for every pursuit that has been cut short. Somewhere in the world, every day, a potentially deadly pursuit is brought to an immediate halt with the company’s products. Stop Stick is proud of that fact, which is why it is so respected by police agencies.Stop Stick Tire Deflation Devices 

Stop Stick offers a few varieties of its tire deflation products, but they are all designed with the same principles in mind. Each one is durable, easy to deploy, consistent and safe to use. What differentiates them is how they are deployed and what situations they perform best in. In other words, there is a Stop Stick solution for any situation that law enforcement personnel regularly find themselves in.

Stop Stick’s Tire Deflation Products For Law Enforcement

Stop Stick has been doing this for more than two decades, and in that time its products have found their way into local, state and federal agencies, as well as agencies in Europe. Its flagship offering is the Stop Stick, but it also manufactures variations of the Stop Stick, including the Terminator and Piranha. Here’s a closer look at those tire deflators:

1.       Stop Stick – The Stop Stick is the world’s top tire deflation device on the market, and is designed to stop high-speed pursuits in their tracks. More than 200,000 police vehicles are equipped with the device, and it is designed to go from vehicle storage to deployment in under 10 seconds. And during high-speed pursuits, every second counts.

The engineering behind the Stop Stick is ingenious. Every stick is fitted with offset hollow steel quills, each one tipped with Teflon for maximum durability and effectiveness. The offset spike pattern means that no matter how the Stop Stick lands when deployed, it will operate as intended. Every quill is, from tip to tip, 2 5/8 inches long, which is the longest in the industry. With that length, the Stop Stick is able to deflate any kind of tire on the road, including tires that are designed to self-seal or run flat.

Safety is a primary feature of the Stop Stick, which makes sense. Stopping a high-speed pursuit means eliminating the likelihood of property damage or a deadly wreck. But it goes further than that with the Stop Stick. The device is engineered to prevent an instant tire blowout, which can send the vehicle fishtailing out of control and producing a catastrophic wreck. Instead, the Stop Stick creates air channels that are consistent in size. This means the tire is deflated at a steady, but fast rate. In most cases, the tire is flat within five seconds, so pursuit ends quickly and without disaster.

Safety in design is essential for protecting officers as well. The Stop Stick is built with a plastic housing that compresses once it is run over. Until then, though, the quills are not exposed, so there is no possibility of injury while handling the device. The Stop Stick is attached to an 80-foot cord, so officers can deploy it while remaining well away from any danger, and withdraw the device before other vehicles reach it.

With its reliability and safety, as well as its effectiveness against all types of tires and vehicles, the Stop Stick is the answer to high-speed police pursuits.

2.      Stop Stick Terminator Tire Deflation Device For Police The Terminator – The Terminator is built with the same design principles behind the Stop Stick but is designed for a different setting. While the Stop Stick is the primary answer to high-speed pursuits, the Terminator is better suited to protecting checkpoints and security bottlenecks, as well as maintaining safety during routine and high-risk traffic stops like DUI stops.

The Terminator is two feet in length and is designed so that an officer can quickly deploy it by hand in front of the vehicle’s tires. There is no risk of injury to the officer, as it is built with a plastic housing that covers the quills.

The Terminator, like the Stop Stick, operates using a quill design that ensures careful deflation, and not a blowout. It is weatherproof and can be used on any terrain. If a vehicle runs over the Terminator, a replacement cartridge is needed, but these are inexpensive and simple to replace. Even with replacement cartridges, the Terminator is much more cost-effective than systems that rely on sensitive electronics to function. With its clever, but simple design, the Terminator will not fail in the field.

3.       The Piranha – The Piranha is designed to prevent pursuits from starting in the first place. Measuring at just three inches long and weighing only five ounces, the Piranha is extremely compact and easy to deploy, and can be stored in the vehicle’s glove compartment.Stop Stick Piranah Tire Deflation Device

The Piranha is ideal for high risk and covert settings, such as surveillance or drug raid operations. If perps attempt to flee, the Piranha will render the tires useless within seconds and neutralize the situation.

Much like all Stop Stick’s other products, the Piranha is built with maximum safety and reliability in mind. It will work every time without posing a risk to the officer.

The Stop Stick family of products are the result of a single design approach that has been iterated on over and over. That single-minded approach has created the most reliable and effective tire deflation technology to date, and one that is in use around the globe.