Streamlight is a leader in the production of handheld and gun-mounted flashlights and has had a strong partnership with law enforcement and first-responders for more than 40 years. The company got its start in 1973 and has long built its product design process by doing what their customers do. Not many other manufacturers can say that they have sent people to firefighter training school to learn how firefighters and rescue personnel utilize flashlights in the field. Streamlight has an impressively large staff, many of them avid hunters and sportspeople, which means they understand the needs of those who spend their time outdoors. They understand what is needed when operating in low light conditions, as Streamlight personnel have taken low light shooting courses to get a feel for what role Streamlight products play in these situations. For example, because Streamlight’s industrial clients often work around hazardous gases, some of the company’s flashlights are designed to be safe to use, even in areas where ignition would be a serious risk.

It’s a design concept that has put Streamlight at the front of its field, and it doesn’t stop there. Streamlight considers all of its markets to be discreet segments of its clientele, which is why the company assigns specialists to each industry, whether it’s law enforcement, fire and rescue, industrial, automotive, military or sporting. Each of those specialists is put through a Streamlight crash course, even spending time at the factory service center and on the assembly line. The result is a group of experts that know the lights back to front, inside and out.

Streamlight supports a number of industry organizations, including the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, Concerns of Police Survivors, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, National Shooting Sports Foundation, National Fire Protection Association and International Hunter Education Association. The company is also partnered with Call2Recycle, a leading advocate for battery recycling and solid waste reduction. And Streamlight’s products are all manufactured and assembled in America. It would be fair to say that Streamlight is plugged into its stateside clients.

Streamlight’s Flashlight & Gun Light Product Offerings

1.     Stream Light Flashlights For Police & Emergency Responders  Stinger DS LED HL flashlight – Although Streamlight provides law enforcement agencies with a number of handheld lighting options, the Stinger might be its most popular. It is designed with multiple beam angle and intensity settings, so it is appropriate for any setting. Those settings include a strobe for signaling or disorienting purposes, a high setting that puts out a 310m beam at 800 lumens and a low setting that preserves battery life while still outputting 200 lumens. With these settings, the Stinger can create a flood light at its high setting and still remain perfectly viable in power saving mode. Modes can be cycled through at the head or the tail, so no fumbling around in the dark.

The Stinger’s beam settings are made possible because it is built with a deep parabolic reflector. The reflector intensifies the center part of the beam while still providing considerable peripheral illumination.

And because the Stinger is designed with LED lamp technology, it lasts far longer than other lights. The baseline for LED lights is about 50,000 hours of performance, which beats other options by a considerable margin. LED lamps are also noted for their ability to hold onto their performance quality even late in their life, so they won’t decline in lumen output even after 10, 20, 30,000 or more hours of work. Even from charge to charge, the Stinger is able to maintain a consistent output, due to the flashlight’s optimized electronics.

Durability is a chief concern with flashlights, as there is nothing worse than being left in the dark during an emergency. Streamlight makes durability a focus of its products and the Stinger is a clear example of this. In addition to the natural durability behind LED’s solid-state design (LEDs offer the best shock protection among lighting technologies), the Stinger is built to IPX4 specifications, which means it is resistant to water and dust intrusion. Its lens is made from tough polycarbonate that resists scratches and breakage, so it will not fail if dropped or knocked.

2.    Streamlight Gun Mounted Lights    TLR-1 gun light – Streamlight also offers a collection of gun-mounted lights, including the TLR-6 and the HL-X long gun mount light, but the TLR-1 is a tried and true example of Streamlight’s design mastery. The TLR-1 also operates on LED technology, so it provides up to 50,000 hours of performance on a single lamp. The lithium batteries that power the light come with a 10-year storage life and provide 2 1/2 hours of light on a single charge. The TLR-1 meets regulatory standards for lighting consistency, so it will not fail in the field.

The TLR-1 provides up to 300 lumens of output with the same parabolic reflector design as the Stinger, which maximizes peripheral light quality. It’s not just a tunnel-focused beam.

Operation is a snap, as the TLR-1 can be attached or removed with either hand with complete safety. No tools are needed to remove or attach the light, and the operator does not have to place their hand in front of the firearm’s muzzle. The light fits any handgun with a Glock-style rail or a MIL-SRD-1913 rail, which covers Glock, Picatinny, Beretta, S&W 99 and S&W TSW models.

Durability is also a focus with the TLR-1, with a IPX7 design that can resist any form of water intrusion. The light can be dipped into water 1-meter deep for 30 minutes and maintain its integrity. In short, no worries about operating the light during rainy weather.

Streamlight has vaulted itself to the top of the flashlight market for law enforcement professionals because it knows what law enforcement professionals need. They need dependability, maximum visibility and usability. Streamlight products offer all three.