Tomar is a long-time manufacturer of quality lighting for police, fire and emergency vehicles. As lighting technology is constantly improving, it is essential that companies adapt to those technological advancements. That is one of Tomar’s primary focuses, which is why it has migrated its product lines to LED fixtures. LEDs make highly customizable and efficient products that can perform for years possible. Combine that with Tomar’s 40 years of experience producing quality lighting systems, and the result is some of the best police, fire and EMS lighting that the industry is capable of.Tomar Light Heads & Beacons

Tomar has had plenty of time to refine its manufacturing processes, and it shows. Product manufacturing is organized in stages, and each stage includes detailed inspections that are managed by tough quality control standards. That kind of organization is how Tomar is able to test 100 percent of its products – a number that would be considered ludicrous by most other manufacturers. Further, all manufacturing processes are constantly monitored by Tomar’s Statistical Process Control, which offers the kind of precise production quality that traditional forms of quality control can’t match. That approach is mimicked on the order fulfillment side, with the company’s computerized order entry, inventorying and production control systems ensuring rapid order fulfillment.

With such refined manufacturing capabilities, it’s possible for Tomar to modify its clients’ existing Tomar products, integrate Tomar technology into a larger lighting solution or develop a unique, custom solution for a client’s particular needs. With its comprehensive manufacturing and design abilities, as well as extensive experience on staff in the optical, mechanical, thermal, electrical and software development fields, there is no lighting solution out of reach for Tomar.

Finally, the company has an impressive background in research and development. More than 25 years of R&D have been invested in Tomar’s processes, which have helped produce the following:

1.       A circuit simulator that utilizes advanced computerization technologies. With it, Tomar can define tolerance parameters and identify potential design weaknesses.

2.       A computer automated surface mount technology (SMT) component assembly.

3.       An automated light measurement tunnel that uses calibrated photometers to ensure all fixtures are in compliance with FAA, IES and SAE standards. The tunnel is 100 feet long and is built with photodiodes to pick up and display the shapes of light waves, allowing Tomar to develop fixtures that meet intensity output specifications with extreme accuracy.

4.       A spectroradiometer capable of scanning quickly for color measurement.

It’s fair to say that Tomar is a leader in product development and manufacturing sophistication.

Tomar’s Product Offerings Cover Lighting Products As Well As Sirens & Controllers

Tomar’s lighting and traffic preemption products are at the top of their field and are appropriate for a huge variety of public safety and emergency vehicles. The company produces a range of lightbar, light head and optical signal processing products, and here is what some of those products look like:

1.     Tomar Light Bars For Police & Emergency Vehicles   The Scorpion lightbar – Although Tomar manufactures a few lightbar products, the Scorpion is its flagship model. The Scorpion is available in 21”, 26”, 35”, 44”, 49”, 53”, 58” and 67” lengths, so it can fit nearly any vehicle model. It also measures in at a compact 2.4” in height and 12” in width, so it creates a very small profile. It is built with an extruded aluminum housing, cast aluminum end caps and optical Lexan light covers that are hermetically sealed, so the Scorpion is made to last.

The Scorpion is designed with a potted controller and waterproof wiring, and its front and rear modules are available in both three and six LED versions. Its corner modules come in six and 12 LED options. All full-size bars are also built with an integrated traffic director, using six or eight elements. ICC lights are available on all bars and STT lights are available on bars 49” and longer. All flash patterns are fully programmable using wired digital control processors. Optional additions to the Scorpion include 70 and 140-watt halogen or high intensity LED takedowns and an onboard traffic preemption emitter.

2.       The 200S light head series – Tomar’s light heads are designed for maximum output and also leverage LED technology for improved efficiency and reliability. The 200S was developed with total internal reflection, or TIR, capabilities in mind. Using TIR principles, Tomar has created a light head that offers superb off-center visibility. The 200S is also built with a one-of-a-kind thermal management system that makes use of the fixture’s entire housing to siphon heat away from the diodes, preserving the fixture’s integrity and output.

The 200S emits light in a very wide angle and comes with 10 flash patterns. It can be mounted using a standard flange or an optional rail mount and can be mounted on the vehicle’s exterior or inside the vehicle. It is available in amber, blue, red and white colors, and comes in a polished aluminum or black housing.

3.      Tomar Sirens & Controllers Optical preemption detectors – Tomar manufactures several optical preemption detectors to ensure emergency and police vehicles are given traffic signal priority when approaching intersections.

The 4090, in particular, is built with fully encapsulated electronics for maximum resistance to heat, water and vibration. The sensor technology built into the 4090 is derived from military applications and offers detection performance that no other system can match. It also comes with closed loop self-test technology for detector integrity and monitoring. Installation is simple and requires no special cabling, and the tool-less tilt and swivel ensures pinpoint aiming.

An elite manufacturing, design and development approach is what makes Tomar a top choice among fleet managers. Its lighting products are ideal for any police, fire or emergency vehicle, in any environment, for nearly any application.