Few manufacturers have the kind of reputation that Tremco has among law enforcement. Its signature anti-theft systems are in extensive use at every level of the police sector, from local to federal agencies. Getting there takes a product that has been proven repeatedly, and Tremco’s anti-theft technology has certainly done that. With it, fleet managers can protect department vehicles from any attempts to hijack or commandeer equipment and can do so without affecting the vehicle’s performance or function.

Since patrol cars are loaded with high-value equipment and weaponry, as soon as one is taken, there is a heavily armed criminal on the loose in a high-performance vehicle. Before the thief is finally stopped, they can do serious harm to civilians and officers. One of the best ways to avoid this type of scenario is to protect the vehicle, and that is what Tremco’s police products are designed to do.

Based out of Billerica, Massachusetts, Tremco has been designing and producing anti-theft systems for more than 30 years. During that time, police fleets have ramped up vehicle security considerably, to the point where it is impossible for criminals to make off with one. Part of that is due to Tremco’s dedication to law enforcement agencies.

Tremco’s Anti-Theft Systems For Police Vehicles

Tremco does one thing, and it does it extremely well. Its anti-theft technology is designed for a huge assortment of police vehicle make and models, and they are installed quickly, easily and safely, as no wire cutting or splicing is required. Instead, Tremco’s anti-theft system is plugged into an existing harness and is designed to be camouflaged, so it will blend in with the vehicle’s other components.

There are numerous features concerning the system’s functionality, ensuring that the technology is consistent and highly effective. Here’s a quick look at how the system operates:

1.       Tremco’s anti-theft devices switch on as soon as the vehicle is put into park. This is the case even when the vehicle is left running. This is a critical design choice for Tremco, as it ensures the technology is engaged 100 percent of the time. When police arrive at an incident, they frequently put their vehicle in park but leave the engine running. Without an anti-theft system in place, that approach represents a major risk, but Tremco’s technology neutralizes it. Since the device engages automatically, police don’t have to worry about whether or not the system is running. They don’t even have to think about it, and that means police can dedicate their attention to much more pressing matters.

2.       Tremco’s anti-theft device makes it impossible for a criminal to switch gears. This is the beauty behind the technology. As soon as the vehicle is put in park, the only way to get it out again is to deactivate the entire system, and that means knowing where to look for the proper switch. Obviously, criminals are going to be under a great deal of pressure and the anti-theft technology appears innocuous, which means they will never be able to find the switch, nor will they have any idea on how to operate it or what it does.

What those criminals will notice, though, is that they can’t get the vehicle out of park. This is true whether or not the engine is running. As long as the vehicle is in park, it cannot be taken over by a thief. Further, the engine can be started even after the anti-theft system is engaged, but gear shifting is still impossible.

Tremco’s products are particularly useful for departments that allow for take home vehicles. While it would be beyond foolish for a criminal to attempt to steal a marked police vehicle, it does happen. Fortunately, the anti-theft system functions as intended, even when the vehicle has been left unattended for an extended period of time, and with the engine off. Even if a criminal destroys the keylock, it will still be impossible for the criminal to shift the gear out of park. This means that even if the officer loses his keys or if those keys are stolen, the vehicle will still be protected from theft.

3.       Tremco’s anti-theft technology can be quickly deactivated by police. Using a hidden, covert floor switch, the system can be shut off immediately. The switch is made out of rubber and with no exposed wiring, so it is impervious to water damage.

It is also built with a bypass switch so that the system can be shut off for a civilian. This is usually needed when someone is performing maintenance on the vehicle.

Tremco’s products offer an impressive combination of protection and usability. Again, they take little time to install (usually about 10 minutes, and with no tools required) and function in any setting. They simultaneously befuddle would-be thieves and allow police personnel to rapidly deactivate it, so they are appropriate even when police need to respond to an emergency.

The technology is, in short, foolproof. In the world of law enforcement, where everything needs to work, no matter the situation, that is a big deal.