Truck Vault

Truck Vault

TruckVault manufactures an incredible range of vehicle storage options for law enforcement, fire and EMS applications, including storage components for transporting sensitive items. The company was formed because there was a strong demand for a specific product. In this case, that product was improved vehicular storage solutions, especially for valuables, equipment or firearms. Like any reputable manufacturer in the storage solutions space, TruckVault creates custom storage options for any first responder vehicles and any agency needs.Truck Vault Base Unit Vehicle Storage Systems

The company was founded by Al Chandler in 1995, but the inspiration for it had been building for years before that. In the 80s, Chandler was managing a construction site when he noticed the home-built storage system that one of his employees was transporting around. Chandler decided he wanted one too, so he built one of his own. Before long, Chandler’s friends were asking for their own storage cabinets from him, which he provided. From there, the story writes itself, with more and more people demanding Chandler’s storage systems until he had little choice but to start a business; and that is how TruckVault was born.

At first, the company was solely focused on the civilian truck and SUV market, but in the mid-90s, TruckVault’s products caught the eye of law enforcement and first responders, and they wanted their own version. TruckVault obliged, and the result was the most complete set of storage solutions that the industry has to offer.

TruckVault’s Trunk Storage, Weapon Storage and Specialty Product Offerings

TruckVault is about one thing only – creating sophisticated storage cabinets that are rugged and effective enough for the most demanding customers. For police, fire and EMS personnel, that means a storage cabinet that is secure and shielded from the elements, as well as a cabinet that allows for quick access to equipment and firearms. And that is exactly what TruckVault offers. Here is a closer study of the manufacturer’s products:

1.       Cabinet versatility – The base TruckVault design allows for quite a bit of versatility. Each storage solution can come with a single drawer or a pair of drawers, either of equal size or offset. Each drawer can be built to a standard height, which can accommodate a shotgun or equipment similar in size. Alternatively, TruckVault can produce drawers to a magnum height, which is four inches taller than standard drawers. The extra height allows for the storage of scoped rifles and taller pieces of equipment. Drawers can be designed to fit in SUVs and pickups of any size.Truck Vault Command Unit & Specialty Storage Solutions

Drawers are built with a default T-handle but can be switched out for a folding handle (ideal for maximum weather protection), a slam latch or a push-button combination lock with key override. Drawer face and carpet colors can be customized as well, with wood finishes possible in addition to the matte black finish.

Drawer dividers, including diagonal dividers, give law enforcement and first responder personnel a slew of options in how they store their equipment and firearms. They can be arranged in any pattern to fit any need.

Finally, TruckVault can add one or more upgrades to the base storage solution. These include rubber mats, drawer foam, steel shrouds, armor coating, technology platforms, table extensions, in-drawer lighting and bumper chutes. A bumper chute is particularly useful for setting up mobile command centers. Each one pulls out and provides shelter from the elements and features glare protection. They are easy to deploy and keep everything dry and in place.

2.       Specialty drawers and containers – In addition to its standard cabinet layouts, TruckVault also manufactures specialty drawers and containers for specific items. For example, the QR Vault was created in response to a request for a small, lightweight tactical drawer. The QR stands for Quick Response, as it is built for a tactical responder who needs immediate access to weaponry and gear. The QR Vault features pistol and rifle mounting points, a sliding ammunition drawer and weapon locker, full ball bearing extension slides and thermal bonded melamine surfaces.Trunkj Vault Hidden Weapon Storage & Specialty Drawers

The company’s Class III Day Boxes can also be built to a standard or magnum height, and are perfect for safely storing explosives and detonators. Each one is designed to meet or exceed ATF standards and can fit in any TruckVault product. They can also be built to any custom size.

For fire and emergency personnel, Engel portable refrigeration containers can be a critical addition when temperature-sensitive items are being transported. This includes items intended for burn or heat stroke treatment, as well as some vaccines. Engel refrigerators are designed to fit into any emergency vehicle on the road and are extremely compact.

3.       Additional security and protection – Police, fire and emergency vehicles carry items that are too valuable and too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands. That’s why TruckVault drawers are fitted with its Strike Guard technology. With Strike Guard, the push-button Kaba lock is enhanced with a flanged lip, consisting of a strike plate and backing plate combination, both made out of AISI 1020 galvanized steel. This lockdown engineering ensures the bolt cannot be tampered with.

TruckVault prioritizes water and fire protection, as well. Its Extreme Series is designed for installation in open bed pickups and comes with an armor coating, as well as a compression locked drawer to keep water out. Even when exposed to fire hoses and vehicle fires, everything inside is kept safe, sound and unaffected.

TruckVault storage solutions offer everything to the discerning police or fire agency. They can be built to any size or shape, come with excellent protection and are intelligently designed. There was a reason why Chandler’s storage cabinets caught on, and why they continue to lead the industry.