Tufloc’s products are made tough, which means they are designed to handle the tough environments that law enforcement personnel find themselves in. Everything the company manufacturers is intended to withstand assault from criminals and the elements alike, so its security containers, gun locks, lockers and organizers are some of the longest lasting in the industry. Police fleets around the U.S. make particular use of the manufacturer’s storage solutions, as they allow for immediate access to weaponry and gear, while maintaining excellent security.

Tufloc is under the Esmet family of products, and is headquartered in Canton, Ohio. Its manufacturing facilities feature a comprehensive array of production technologies. That includes machines capable of milling, drilling, turning, welding, tapping and assembling. Overseeing it all is a talented team of machinists, welders, programmers and assembly experts. Everything is made in America and made to solve the problems that law enforcement personnel consider the most pressing.

Tufloc’s Product Offerings

Tufloc Security Drawers For VehiclesTufloc’s products are ideal for use in vehicles or buildings, but in either case, the approach is the same. Tufloc can provide storage and security solutions that just plain make life easier for law enforcement. Whether it’s ensuring that critical equipment is available just when it’s needed, or keeping a shotgun from falling into the wrong hands, Tufloc has a solution for that. Here’s what some of those solutions look like:

1.       Tufbox security drawers – Tufloc’s security drawers are probably requested by law enforcement personnel more than any other item the company produces. And that’s saying something, as its products are highly respected.

The Tufbox is a multipurpose security container, capable of safely storing firearms and equipment of any size, along with small personal items. It is designed for installation in the trunk and can fit any SUV or cruiser model. The Tufbox is machined from heavy duty steel, so it offers excellent impact and tamper resistance. The steel is coated with a baked powder finish that provides the abrasion and corrosion resistance that field containers need. The Tufbox’s frame and sides are made from the same high strength steel as well, so there is no weak point to target.

The Tufbox is built with particular vehicle models in mind, so it varies a bit in size, but generally sits between 35 and 44 inches wide, and 20 and 40 inches deep. Tufloc also manufactures a smaller Tufbox option, referred to as a mini security drawer. The mini security drawer measures a compact 3.25” x 8” x 12”, so it can fit in any police vehicle on the road. While it can be mounted in the trunk like the full size Tufbox, the mini security drawer is small enough to also fit under the seat. This is an ideal spot to secure small valuables or a handgun. And naturally, the mini security drawer is also manufactured with high strength steel and a baked powder finish.

Tufboxes are available with a slew of additional accessories, allowing law enforcement personnel to customize how their containers are used. For example, the addition of motion-activated lights allows police to access the container day or night, without having to leave a light on around the clock. Interior foam, which is 2 inches thick, can be custom cut to fit any weapon, and provides a snug, safe fit for any firearm or tool. Drawer divider kits can be used to segment the Tufbox interior, so police can customize their containers further and ensure everything stays organized. An exterior rubber mat can also be added to the top of the Tufbox, providing yet another layer of protection to the container and everything inside. And finally, the Tufbox adjustable base allows police to raise the container off of the vehicle’s floor, from anywhere between 6 inches and 11 1/2 inches. This is ideal for vehicles that need the extra clearance for additional storage.Tufloc Gun Mounts with Electronic Locks

And it only makes sense that Tufloc would offer a few locking mechanism options for its Tufboxes. The default is a T-handle that comes with a keyed lock. Fleet managers can upgrade to a premium T-handle, which also comes with a keyed lock. The premium T-handle is ergonomically designed for maximum usability, improving access speed. It is also finished with a black powder coating for extra protection. And if neither T-handle is preferred, there is a combination lock with key override available as well.

2.       High security gun locks – Tufloc’s other primary law enforcement offering is its gun locks, which are some of the most versatile in the industry.

The company’s newest gun lock is a self-adjusting version. It is built with a pair of locking arms that, once the firearm is placed in the mount, automatically adjusts to its build and ensure it is held firmly in place. It is designed to allow for one-hand removal of the firearm and is padded to protect the gun from abrasion and rattling. And all of Tufloc’s gun locks can be accessed using a key or by using an electronic delay timer.

Tufloc’s vehicle gun mounts run the gamut, and can be mounted to the roll bar, the partition screen, overhead, in the trunk, to the floor, vertically between seats or in a muzzle down position. The company also manufactures dual mounts for additional storage.

Tufloc is, like the name suggests, about designing and producing extremely secure solutions, whether those solutions are needed for equipment storage or gun locking. In either case, Tufloc is a brand that law enforcement around the country trust with their critical tools.