Westin is a prolific provider of police vehicle push bumpers and push bumper additions. Like many companies in the space, it isn’t confined to just public safety vehicles and got its start outfitting civilian vehicles instead. Now, though, it has a robust public safety division that offers products just for police sedans and SUVs. It’s a development that’s 40 years in the making, as the company has perfected its push bumper and guard products for more than four decades.Westin Push Bumpers For Police Vehicles

Although the company offers an impressive variety of vehicle additions for civilian trucks and SUVs, it focuses primarily on push bumpers and vehicle protection in the field of public safety. Westin’s push bumpers are built for maximum protection and modularity, so every fleet manager can get exactly the level of protection and utility they need from their push bumper systems. Westin can even provide winch mounts for departments that service rugged or remote areas, something that’s tough to find from most manufacturers.

Westin’s Push Bumpers, Grille Guards, PIT Bars & Bumpers with Winch Mounts

Again, Westin is known for its push bumpers and vehicle protection products. These products are built with maximum strength as a top priority, making them ideal for public safety work. Specifically, this is what Westin can provide to police fleets:


1.       Push Bumper Elite and Elite XD – These are the centerpieces of the Westin portfolio, and they bring a level of vehicle protection that’s unparalleled. The Elite is designed for use with sedans and utility vehicles, while the Elite XD is intended for use with utility vehicles only.

Both are built with heavy-duty HRPO steel, which is designed for use in the most demanding situations. They are also both designed with particular vehicle models in mind, so they fit perfectly. Westin push bumpers are built with 4-gauge uprights and 2 3/4-inch rubber strips for optimal contact and wear resistance. The Elite and Elite XD are also built with a center cross plate that allows for light or speaker mounts and a bottom tube for maximum protection and stability.  They are finished with pre-drilled holes that make it simple to install additions like PIT bars and additional LED light strips. Like all of Westin’s products, its push bumpers are layered with a black powder coating for corrosion and wear protection.Westin Pit Bar Elite

The XD comes with some additional features, like a punch plate grille that allows for auxiliary light mounting. It is also pre-drilled for even more mounting additions, like Elite Wing Wraps and the MAX Winch Tray.

The Elite and Elite XD can be thought of as the starting point for a total vehicle front defense system. All of Westin’s other public safety products are built off of the Elite and Elite XD’s structure.

2.       PIT Bar Elite – Westin’s PIT Bar Elite is designed to be mounted on either side of the Elite or Elite XD push bumper, and add bumper protection from end to end, wrapping around both sides of the vehicle. With the Elite and Elite XD’s pre-drilled mounting holes, the PIT Bar Elite is quick and easy to install and can be done in a matter of moments. Westin’s double bar design is patented and unique in the industry. With two bars instead of one, the PIT Bar Elite offers more surface area for pushing and better force absorption.

Like Westin’s push bumpers, the PIT Bar Elite is manufactured from HRPO steel, though the PIT Bar is made with 7-gauge steel instead. It mounts directly to Westin push bumpers and comes with fully welded mounting brackets, which preserves strength. Much like the Elite and Elite XD, Westin’s PIT Bar Elite is made with 2 3/4-inch wide rubber strips for better vehicle protection and additional pushing surface.Westin Elite Wing Wraps

To round it out, the PIT Bar Elite is made with a curved design, which prevents the bumper from being hung up, plastic end caps to promote a clean aesthetic, and a black powder finish for a final layer of protection.

3.       Elite Wing Wraps – The third piece of a total Westin push bumper solution, the company’s Elite Wing Wraps finish off a total front-end protection approach. Westin’s wing wraps mount directly into its push bumpers and its PIT bars, using a 7-gauge plate to do so. With the manufacturer’s wing wraps in place, fleet managers can guard their vehicles against headlight damage. During a collision, the wing wraps absorb and deflect striking force, turning hits into glancing blows.

Every wing wrap is designed for a specific make and model, so they contour tightly to the vehicle’s front design. This also ensures optimal impact defense. Because wing wraps are counted on to take the brunt of an impact, Westin builds theirs with a 1 1/2-inch steel tubing, including vertical support bars made with the same design. That’s a lot of metal in between the vehicle and anything it comes into contact with.

4.       HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard – Westin’s HDX Winch Mount Grille Guard is an alternative to the Elite and Elite XD and is designed for vehicles that have a winch mount on the front end. It is made to accommodate most medium frame winches, which means it can be used with law enforcement, public safety and rescue vehicles.Westin Push Bumpers With Winch Mounts

Westin’s winch mount grille comes with the same 2 3/4-inch wide rubber strips, 2-inch steel tubing and one-piece welded uprights found on its other guards. The HDX is also built with a welded full punch plate grille, with spots for emergency lighting. The guard comes with Westin’s MAX Winch Tray, which has been tested for a minimum straight line pull of 16,500 pounds.

Westin’s manufacturing approach is a smart one, and it shows in the company’s tight product portfolio. All of its vehicle defense offerings fit and supplement each other, allowing fleet managers to decide just how much protection their vehicles need. If all the stops need to be pulled out, Westin’s push bumpers, PIT bars, wing wraps and other front end protection products can weather just about any blow.